Russia calls for conference to rebuild Afghan economy


Moscow’s Afghanistan ambassador, Samir Kabulov, has called for an international conference to reconstruct Afghanistan’s economy following the Taliban’s control of the country and the consequent wave of migration on Monday.

“All the wealthy countries of the world must meet with representatives of the new Afghan authorities to discuss issues of economic and social reconstruction,” said Kabulov.

He said he saw countries that had deployed troops in Afghanistan as first in line for such efforts, saying, “this is a question of honour and conscience.”

However, he also clarified that the conference would not mean “leaving the money to the Taliban,” but said the money was needed to support the national currency.

He added that Russia would contribute to the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Kabulov also warned other countries against freezing Afghanistan’s gold and currency reserves, as this would create an “additional incentive for people to flee their homeland.”

Many countries have suspended international aid worth billions of dollars following the takeover by the militant Islamists, but he said the Taliban did not have access to money reserves abroad.


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