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My Complicated Love Story That Ended in Marriage

by Joseph
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Love story

Love Story: I rejected a boy who was a great friend of mine at that time when I was single. He was also single. But I rejected him for my caste and parents. I offered him a lifetime friendship … and I seriously meant it. He agreed to my condition and we started hanging out with no expectation.

But suddenly one day he confronted me about his feelings once again. His insecurities towards me; he thought I might like someone else. I explained to him that there is no one in my life and I have very few friends whom I can trust blindly. But he quit. He told me that it was an uncomfortable situation for him. He wants to move on with his life. Being a Computer Graduate he can only understand either 0 or 1. Yeah, I said 0. Then we disconnected the call. Within a few minutes, I called him once to share our talks with as mutual friends. He declined and said he would not share. I shouldn’t worry !!!

I knew that for him, it was impossible to live without me same with myself. But I was hurt that day. I had decided to not give a shit about him anymore. I will live my life my way.

He deactivated all his social platforms and vanished like never existed!! He tried to contact me but every time I bashed him with my silence as I was hurt. After 3 months he returned to social media. I was alone. He never disturbed me nor did he try to contact me. This time before he made a move I blocked him on all the platforms. Because I don’t want to fade the good moments/memories I spent with him over arguments.

3 Years Later (In 2017)

My elder sister got married. Everyone in my home was really happy. Now, my elder sister happily explained how childish her hubby was and how he respected and took care of her during the wedding pre-meeting session.

After the wedding, I was sitting on the roof around 1 am in the night. I could not resist myself to think about his personality and all. That day I realized that he didn’t take me for granted. Instead, I took him for granted. I gave him all the pain which I can give him with my silence. Whereas my happiness was his ultimate destiny but I gave insane hatred. I felt sorry for him. I cried so much on that day.

The next day while taking a sip of my tea I decided to meet him at least once. Maybe he moved on with another girl or maybe he forgot me but I needed to relieve my heart with this sorrow by hugging him at least.

I opened a fake account on Facebook and sent him a friend request. Then I initialized the chat as I wanted a referral to an event. No disrespect or creepy to the unknown girl. That time I felt how innocent he was. After getting a few details from him like workplace and city, I booked a ticket to his city. I bought some flowers and chocolates for him too. Yes, I was in a thrilling situation i.e. how is he going to react ?? He might ignore me like I did to him 4 years ago or he might be happy!! Is he single or committed to someone ?? I was eager to know.

D -Day (8th August, 2017)

At about 8:30 am before leaving, I asked my heart, “Am I crazy ??” Then a sudden answer came “Let’s do it !!” If this guy kept your secret for 4 years, he will keep this secret for sure !!

I was at his office at about 10:30 am that morning. I unblocked his phone number from True Caller. I thought to myself; if he gave me attitude, I would eat all my chocolates and keep flowers with me then roam around, and then go back as soon the possible. My return was scheduled on the same day at 8:30 pm. I dialed his number after 4.5 years. My heartbeat was racing between 82 to 84.

Him: Hello ?? How are You ??

Me: You didn’t delete my contacts in these years. I thought You might not recognize me.

Him: Some numbers are not saved in mobile rather than heart forever. ######### and $$$$$$$$$ isn’t your number :)? By the way what brings you to think about me today.?

Me: I want to say sorry for my behavior towards you in past years.

Him: That is okay. You didn’t feel the same way about me. That’s not the problem. And I had to move on with my life. Friendship with you gives me always a little hope inside and for that, I will always be like a prisoner of myself. Neither I will be a true friend nor a true lover and your ignorance helped me to move on quickly. This heartbreak was necessary to bring focus to myself. At that time I was also immature and my only ambition was you. Now I changed myself well enough for my parents, jobs, and personal life.

Me: So tell me how is your Girlfriend?

Him: I didn’t have any girlfriend till now !!

Me: Why ?? Still, you have not moved on ??

Him: Deep inside I am not !! But seriously I am comfortable with my life. I love you sincerely and always hope for your best. You reply to me with silence!! I loved you with silence. By the way, did you have a boyfriend or not? Or did you call me to invite me to your wedding.?

Me: Yeah I decided to make a boyfriend !! But still, I am fearing that my parents will reject my proposal.

Him: Be confident !! Go to the boy and tell him about this first !! Any boy will be lucky to have you. Then plan together for your future too.

Me: I am waiting for you at @your office base garden. Please come

Him: Oh my god !! Are you crazy ?? Really ??? I can’t believe … I am coming within 2 minutes.

He brought some food, juice, and chocolates from his office canteen and came there to meet me.

He has changed now !!! He looks awesome in a blazer.

That was an awesome moment for me also. I ran towards him. He just pulled me over and gave me a tight hug with tears in his eyes. All I heard is that I missed you so much…

He is unstoppable … surprised by my madness… I calmed him down. We sat together. He offered me all the food that he brought for me and started feeding me. All I can see is affectionate and love which I missed those years. Suddenly, I knelt and asked him to become my life partner. He was again surprised by this gesture and pulled me and hugged me tightly by saying your place is within my heart. So, you belong here(pointing to his heart).

He called his sister to inform her about me. To my surprise, his sister was also surprised and was so excited about the news as she also knew about me.

This was how I met my true love!! What I like the most about him is that neither did he disturb me nor was creepy towards me. Honestly, he told me his feelings and he accepted the fact and moved on with his life. Neither did he back bitching about me to any of his friends. Nor did he say a single word about me to our mutual friends. He just loved me with his heart from a distance. he didn’t play with any girl’s emotions for these years.

Yeah, You might be thinking it’s a foolish decision by him not to move on for so many years. But that is our destiny. You can’t ignore that fact also.

So dear if anyone rejects your love, just move on and focus on your studies/personality/jobs, not wasting your life in drinking alcohol and smoking. Just respect girls’ decisions and move on.

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