European giants’ massive ‘ghost ground’ that’s been half-built for 15 years could finally be finished

Spanish giants Valencia have a huge unfinished ‘ghost stadium’ that has been abandoned for 15 years due to delay.

Valencia currently resides in the Mestalla Stadium, which in itself is one of the more iconic stadiums across all of Europe with its open bowl style a staple of Spanish football.

Despite their 49,000 capacity home, just 4km away lies the site of the Nou Mestalla, the ‘new home’ of Valencia that has been left untouched for over 15 years.

The stadium remains half-built due to a lack of funding as Valencia hasn’t been able to raise enough money to finish the ground although it was originally proposed as a potential venue for the 2010 Champions League final.

Although there has been no progress in over a decade, the project remains part of the club’s plans for the future.

“Everybody has to admit that we’ve gone from an economically difficult time, but austerity doesn’t mean it can’t be a stupendous, magnificent stadium and a source of pride for the Valencia CF fans,” co-founder Mark Fenwick said in 2022.

There could be hope for Valencia as funding organised by La Liga and the potential to host some matches at the 2030 World Cup have created new opportunities for finding a solution to complete the stadium project.

Speaking in December, the Valencia club President gave an update on the Nou Mestalla.

“I believe it is now or never for the new stadium,” Lay Hoon Chan told fans at the club’s annual general meeting.

The current project envisions a 66,000-seat stadium, with plans to eventually expand to 70,016 seats. The original design proposed an aluminum skin over the existing concrete base, but the latest version incorporates a more affordable facade.

A source involved in the project mentions that the updated design provides a more open, airy concept, emphasising a “Mediterranean experience” similar to the current ground.

The stadium plans are now much less ambitious than the ones originally suggested, however, the prospect of Nou Mestalla finally being finished will be worth the compromise.

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