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Africa: Nigerian Train Travel Guide, Why You Must Travel By Train In Nigeria This December

by Tom Chiahemen
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By Jubilian Ngaruwa

Train travel is beginning to boom in spite of the deficiencies of the railway corporation in Nigeria.Nigerian travellers are embracing the little the Railway has to offer and therefore are packaging attractive Tours putting into consideration this means of Transportation.

The Abuja – Kaduna Train Route [AK] and vice versa [KA] from Idu stations and Rigasa are impressive, Lagos railway system is picking up, shortcomings regardless.As at today, the Nigerian railway system is operating at an impressive rate in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna and a bit of a shamble for the other 33 states. Regardless of the shambles in the 33 states, the existing routes should be explored taking into consideration the difference after its long period of decline in 1964.

This should be celebrated and the transportation system explored by travelers, tourists, Tour Operators and Travel enthusiasts.Luckily for Travelers this December, for each train Routes, there are several entertainment, sightseeing and hotels close by for anyone ready for some adventure.

Traveling by rail in Lagos NOTE: Lagos trains moves only Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.The Lagos Railway Transportation is a lot more vigorous with its inter and intra state routes compared to the other states in Nigeria.

The Lagos Intra state Plan

• Ijoko – Ido – Agbado – Apapa Inter-state Route

• Abeokuta – Ibadan – Osogbo – illorin –Kaduna-Abuja –Minna-Kano. See more of my Train reviews here [Link]The Exortic Abuja Railway system is impeccable for several reasons, perfect administrations, perfect rail tracks, punctuality and security. See more of that [Link]. Abuja is probably the best state to experience train in Nigeria and there are several tourist attractions and Hotels to have a perfect holiday.The Abuja Route Plan:Train AK [Kaduna – Abuja]

• Rigasa – Kakau – Dutse – Rijana -Gidan –Jere – Asham- Idu. Train AK [Abuja to Kaduna]• Idu – Kubwa – Asham – Jere – Gidam – Rijana – Dutse – Kakau – Rigasa. TRAIN TIMES Monday – Saturday AK 2 TIMES DAILY 7am – 6pm First train – 7am from Abuja – Kaduna Second Train – 2pm also from Abuja – Kaduna KA 2 Times daily 10.40am – 6.00pm, First Train – 10.40am to Abuja. Second Train 6.00PM. Train Times Sunday, Abuja – Kaduna 12.30pm, Kaduna – Abuja 4.00. The Lagos train station located at Murtala Muhammed way, in front of Carter Bridge and by the Lagos Lagoon has the following hotels for passengers who do not reside in Lagos to quickly find a place to rest.

• Lakeem Suite –  N11,000

• Federal Palace hotel – N 50,000

• Deke hotels – N5,500• Derigg Palace – N13000

• Haile Salessies Suite – N7,500

• Southern Sun Ikoyi at – N45,000 Sight-seeing around Lagos Ido Train station 1. Freedom Park Lagos – Entrance Fee N1000 2. Onikan Youth Center Lagos to Osogbo Fare – Second Class: N510 First Class: N760 ETA: 7 hours,30 minutes Places to see in Osogbo 1. Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove Forest – Entrance Fee N500 without Professional Camera. Professional Camera – N1,5002. Erin Ijesha Water fall – Entrance Fess N500 without Professional Camera Professional Camera – N1000 Closest Hotel to the Railway to stay

• Aenon suite – N20,000 Lagos to Ibadan Train Fare: N250 ETA: 5 hours, stops Inclusive. Places to see In Ibadan1. Cocoa House [ones the tallest building in Tropical Africa] Entrance fee – FREE 2. Ibadan Zoo Entrance Fee without Professional Camera – N1000 With Professional Camera – N 2000 Closest Hotels to the Railway to stay

• Scrolab Executive Hotel  – N 7,200

• Owu Crown Hotel Ibadan – N22,000  Lagos To Illorin Second Class: N670 First Class: N1,050 Take off time: 9AM ETA: 11 hours, stops inclusive Places to see in Illorin 1. Esie Museum: Entrance Fee with or without Camera N500 Affordable Hotels close to the Train Station to stay

• Kwara Hotel – N16,000

• Bovina View Hotel Lagos to Kaduna Second Class Standard: N1,690 First Class (A/C): N2,530 Estimated time of arrival: 26 hours,stops inclusive.Places to see in Kaduna 1. Nok Village – No Fee 2. Nok Museum – Fee with or without Professional Camera N500 3. Kajuru Castle Affordable Hotels close to the Train Station to stay

• Ishakol Hotel – N4,500

• Hotel Seventeen Kaduna – N15,600 Lagos – Abuja Second Class – N1,690.First Class A/C: N2,530.Place to see in Abuja1. Abuja Art Market – Entrance Fee – Free Affordable Hotels close to the Train Station to stay

• Sandralia Hotel – N50, 000

• Nordic Hotel – N46, 000 Lagos to Minna Second Class: N1, 280 First Class (A/C): N1, 910 ETA: 20 hours, stops inclusive.Places to see in Minna 1. Guarara Falls  2. Kainji National Park Affordable Hotels close to the Train Station to stay

• Doko International Hotel – N3, 300• Haske Luxury Hotel – N9, 500 Lagos to Kano  Second Class Standard: N1, 930 First Class (A/C): N2, 890 ETA: 35 hours, stops inclusive Places to see in Kano

• Gidan Makama Museum – Entrance fees N500

• Kano Walls Affordable Hotels close to the Train Station to stay

• Royal Tropicana Hotel – N11, 700

• Tahir Guest House –  N18, 000.  Have a pleasant Christmas!


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