See the Nigerian citizen beaten to death by Indonesian Immigration Officers

Late Arinze Igweike

A Nigerian citizen identified as Arinze Igweike has been reportedly beaten to death by Indonesian immigration for reasons yet to be ascertained.

Igweike, from Onitsha, Anambra State was said to have been arrested by the Indonesian immigration along with two other Nigerians from the Southwest in Jakarta.

They were said to have been beaten thoroughly with Igweike unable to survive the assault.

Okwuluora, a broadcaster displayed the picture of the deceased Nigerian on his Facebook page and wrote: “SAD NEWS: Indonesian Immigration beat this guy to death. According to reports, his name is Arinze from Onitsha. Can those there in Jakarta throw more light? His body is missing as well.”

Obierika Akusoba on his page said “His full name is Arinze Igweike, from Onitsha was beaten to death by Indonesian immigration officers along with two other Yoruba boys but the Yoruba boys survived the beating.”

Kevin Onuja said “Nawa o. I knew Arinze back in UNN. He was in electrical engineering department. So sad he ended this way.”

According to Oba Rich, “Arinze is our blood, not only from Nigeria, but we all live together here in Indonesia, we are still making inquiry, his body is not yet found, I cannot hold my heart to say that Arinze is dead, please let just say that the immigration transferred him to another place. I am heartbroken Arinze, you did not deserve this.”

Another Nigerian, Ogbatuluenyi Okija said “Yes, I was there live in immigration when this happened. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to our embassy to talk what happened to Arinze Igweike from Onitsha.”

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