WWE fans think they know what The Rock passed to Cody Rhodes during awkward exchange on Raw

WWE fans a theory about what The Rock gave to Cody Rhodes on Monday Night Raw after he finally captured the undisputed WWE universal championship.

In the WrestleMania 40 main event in Philadelphia, Rhodes knocked off dominant champion Roman Reigns to end his historic 1316 days stint at the summit.

The back-to-back Royal Rumble winner had the odds stacked against him after he and Seth Rollins lost the tag team main event of night one against The Rock and Reigns.

It meant that his title bout was contested under ‘Bloodline Rules’ and there was interference aplenty from The Usos, Solo Sikoa, John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker and Rollins.

One of the greatest sequences in WWE history ended with Rhodes scoring the pinfall and finally finishing the story.

After months of insulting and assaulting Rhodes, The Rock came out and congratulated him on Raw.

Following a very weird title swap that saw Rock hold the gold and Rhodes see what the Final Boss’ Muhammad Ali People’s Championship tribute is all about, the Hollywood star handed him something before leaving the ring.

The item was small enough to fit in Rhodes’ hand, with The Rock saying, “You’ll know what it is without even looking”.

WWE fans believe that it may have been a lighter after Rhodes’ bus caught fire ahead of WrestleMania.

One fan speculated: “Cody’s bus caught fire right before Mania. The Rock said, ‘Don’t you EVER break my heart again’.The gift was small enough to fit in his closed fist. And ‘You’ll know what it is without even looking.’ I think it was a lighter.”

Following up, one user said: “Genius. Love this even if it’s something else.”

A third commented: “It’s a clever theory.”

A fourth added: “One of the most intriguing thoughts ever.”

A fifth agreed: “I actually really like this.”

The Rock has confirmed he will be “going away for a little” after an excellent run, but is adamant that he will be back and told Rhodes “our story has just begun”.

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