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UNIJOS Launches Seminar Series on Climate Change and Migration

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The Anthony Nyong Climate Center of Excellence (ANCCE) at the University of Jos (UNIJOS) recently launched its inaugural seminar series in an effort to explore the intricate relationship between climate change, migration patterns, and environmental dynamics.

The theme of the seminar, titled loo” aimed to unravel the complexities of these global issues. During the opening remarks of the event,

Director of ANCCE, Professor Anthony Nyong, expressed optimism about the center’s progress despite facing challenges.

“We’re making strides despite the challenges. Organizational efforts have been successful, setting a solid foundation for our journey ahead,” Professor Nyong remarked during the event.

The seminar featured guest speaker Laurent De Boeck, Chief of Mission in Nigeria for the United Nations International Organization on Migration (IOM), who highlighted the extensive work of the IOM across 180 countries for over 21 years.

De Boeck emphasized the need to view migration as a positive element in society and outlined the organization’s efforts in providing support and protection to migrants worldwide.

He further underscored the urgent need to address the complex relationship between climate change and migration. “The over 281,000,000 migrants worldwide amount to 3.6% of the world population, indicating significant international movements possibly influenced by climate and environmental factors,” he noted.

Highlighting migration as a positive force in society, De Boeck emphasized the IOM’s commitment to promoting safe and orderly migration.

The seminar received support from the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tanko Ishaya, who highlighted the institution’s dedication to addressing societal challenges through research and collaboration.

The seminar series aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration to tackle global challenges, focusing on resilience and sustainable development.

ANCCE seeks to contribute meaningful solutions to the complex interplay of climate change, migration, and environmental dynamics.

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