Tunisia foils nearly 2,000 illegal immigration attempts this year

Illegal migrants

Tunisian Maritime Guard units foiled 1,976 illegal immigration attempts this year as of Sept. 13, the National Guard spokesman Houcemeddine Jbabli said on Friday.

“More than 21,500 illegal Tunisian and foreign immigrants, including 412 Tunisian minors, were arrested,” Jbabli said in a statement, adding that 552 smugglers were arrested during the same period.

“The scourge of illegal immigration is attracting more and more women, including pregnant women,” Jbabli said.

Located at the northern tip of Africa, Tunisia is one of the most popular transit points for illegal immigrants bound for Europe.

Although Tunisian authorities have adopted rigorous measures to tackle the problem, the number of illegal immigrants who depart Tunisia for Italy has not decreased. ■


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Written by Tom Chiahemen

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