The mystery of Egbesu-Owou: The ancient masquerade before man By ASIAYEI ENAIBO

The mystery of Egbesu-Owou: The ancient masquerade before man By ASIAYEI ENAIBO

Seven days after the ritual of cleansing, the flag waves around the temples, and dancers, singers, and drums invoke the presence of the Deities.

Oweigbele–men of extraordinary powers with sacred unknown passwords as Akparans and kolokolowei stretched forth to pray at the waterfront and return to drop their sword of power for the Egbesu-ware while Agadagba seated on the white chairs with eagle feathers around his hat of worship as custodian of the ancient Urubasiri people.

White rams, drinks as many petitions, and people who have come to redeem their vows, those who have done one secret evil against man or woman, Egbesu arrested them of their evils to confess for forgiveness to avoid the holy wrath of the divinity of the Ijaw powers.

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I have never seen it or heard about Egbesu-Owou, but my eyes have seen it with the permission of the High priest of the Temple, only take a report approved by the powers that be, anything beyond that your lens will go blank. An invincible Akparan Teibewei spoke softly into my ears, as Osobu Egberigbawei.

The mystery is an untold story kept in the sacred forest of the gods, mouths sealed with palm fronts.

After several attempts to write this story, my ears and mind were distracted until a petition was sent through attunement before Egbesu-Owou said, “Come in, Enaibo.” The Talking Drum as a revelation.


The first ritual was the pouring of libations to Opuaduwe, at the Gbaraun Opuaduwe ware in Oporoza drinks are poured for the ancestors, those who came, saw, and have conquered the hurdles, then the Kaladuwe, the innocent that came to witness the earth and has gone back in their pure state of celestial beings as a spirit. Yes, the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu Kingdom was full to its brim with humans, some flesh, some spirits—they all came to witness the Ancient Amaseikumor Festival. On both sides of the town, Dr Tompolo set foods at all points for the living to eat. More than ten caterers were on standby, and then spirit beings ate from the dining set for the gods of Ijaw land, those who couldn’t climb their dining table eat from the sacred floor of the land, both fishes, birds, and animals came to participate. The town too was busy. All phenomenal beings were made happy, to some of us who feel the presence of those beings, we move with care and honour everything at the festival.

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Sweet items like biscuits, Fanta, sugar, sweet, white and red tapioca mixed with palm oil, snuff, alligator pepper, corned beef mixed agboro–the gods like them so much as humans eat from the sacred items for the gods. Those who eat from them, get unusual freedom, good health, opportunities, children and wives the desired one could be made.

All the days are designed for different Deities, the Opuadewe opens the spiritual ceremony, it is a way to invite all the beings in their various realms to guide and watch over the people and grant us our heart’s desires.

Then IBOLOMOBO-ERE, the Ziba-opuoru, the mother goddess, Woyin, the light and life of all her children starts the process to take us to the realm of motherly love, care and passion.

The circle moves to Egbesu day. Egbesu is the sacred power of Ijaw spirituality, the emblem of our hope, freedom and development. The power of all powers, mystery beyond human existence, God’s own Deity for only the Ijos. Above and below. Agonogbolokirigbolo!

Egbesu- Egba with a seven-step ladder to the heavenly beings that no man on earth can destroy facing the Ark of Egbesu at the waterfront were prayers met the water and the earth simultaneously.

History has it that Egbesu-Egba is a rare phenomenon, people hardly seeing it as centuries ago throughout their existence. The gods begotten son of Man, it is only the Spiritual master that knows about it: Tompolo!

On the last day of the three days of Gbaraun Egbesu offerings and thanksgiving, when day came, the three toggle processions in the morning hour before sunset, the water moves to and fro, the clouds experience an eclipse-like manner in the orbital movement of changes, all the Akparans know, mouth closed with unseen palm fronts, the Amaseikumor forest, white Eagles fly around the forest, aged women were seen to purify the arena before the coming of Egbesu-Owou. What is happening? Mystery, no one could say anything, all wearing whites, and royal chairs decorated ever in the history of Egbesu. Formal invocational prayers were made, Agadagba looked above the sky, Drummer gave the appellation to the king, and all the atmosphere transmogrified.

What I had not said came banging at my door, I went to open the door at twilight. What I saw was a white plate with native chalk. There was no fear, the gods had come with their messages. Torumobramo! He who goes out with a native chalk returns back home safely no matter how rough the path could be, Egbesu forever keep his bond with his children.

What again? No one with a clean heart rejects the revelations of the gods, “We have a message for you, Enaibo. Men have come and gone, and the gods in their divine form have been with us. I am Egbesu- Owou! and no one has documented my existence, only a reflection of my revelation to Tompolo, I was made, let me be on the lips of men and women in Ijo land.”

Like the wind, the insight and tuition melted away, but the inspiration guided my words to express this beautiful tale of Egbesu-Owou at Gbaraun Egbesu Temple brought this privilege to people first time in history.

This beginning formed the Prayers and meditation at the Gbaraun Egbesu temple, “Look downward and confess your sins as you made these mistakes on earth, do not look at the sky upward for you are not holy until you have confessed your sins. Yes, to err is human; to forgive is the Supernatural. Look downward and pray before Egbesu oh mundane souls of man!” Words from the Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom, his words have been interpreted by Chief MacDonald Egbadiwei.

Then Dr Tompolo stood in front of the Agadagbas and gave the creed of Egbesu and said, “Oh kings of Ijaw Nation! you all are custodians of these sacred laws. No one should toil with the powers of Egbesu. Beseech your followers too, what is forbidden is forbidden, how can a man kneel and bow his head towards the route of a woman where he came from? Egbesu forbids it!” The interpreter continues on Ijaw Dialects, “How can you use your own brother for blood rituals? Instantly, Egbesu will strike you dead. As we are here, we are not playing, no one knows the power of Egbesu. This is what God has given to us as Ijaw people. We should value what we have.” Eferekirikpon gave the sermon in a loud voice that echoed even the forest of the dead and the living in such a pained manner.

There was total silence around Gbaraun Egbesu Temple. Obey the laws of Egbesu and no harm will befall you.

This was the first session of prayers openly made by all individual believers that came to worship, then the Agadagba, the traditional and royal custodian of the people concluded the prayers

No fire has ever consumed water and water at all times consumed fire, so no amount of bullets from any stick against Izonkeme in any form, end water. No defeat in times of war and justice. Yes, you must know that before Agadagba sits on the royal Throne of Egbesu, the Agadagba’s first appearance, he walks to the waterfront, the Akparan owei will use water to watch his hands and on three consecutive occasions sprinkle the water on his body way to purify the King custodian of the Pristine Ijaw tradition to be empowered by Egbesu to conduct the services of thanksgiving, sacrifices and offerings.

The coral ancient cowries beaded around the neck, then two stricken Egbesu marks on the forehead as the Egbesu- pere, royally seated like the way man has come to witness. The Image of first of Egbesu- Owou, often time Agadagbas sit on the chair and have a hat on their heads with the Ogei Feather as a symbol before prayers, sacrifices and thanksgiving. This is not a mystery in revelation to man in spirit?

First, it appears unusual. No history has recorded this before its revelation to Tompolo, deities do not just reveal their powers to those who can’t control them. It is the readiness of the master’s will that great manifestations are made before man. When students are ready, the spiritual teachers appear from the realm of unlimited knowledge before man.

Egbesu masquerade headpiece appeared for the first time in the ancient practice of Egbesu spirituality to come out and witness the believers of Egbesu, about the Ogei feathers. Above man and Nature, this bird beyond the eyes of man above the cloud the home of Egbesu, the Ogei bird observes man as this is a great symbol of Egbesu Tubomobramo.

Like Godhead, eyes see beyond man like the creator, the first element of water on his right hand, then a small White plate containing all the other elements of life above human destruction. What is contained in this immortal white plate is what forms the mystery of the invincible powers of Egbesu in the ark of the ancient power. Yes, cowries tied around the forehead, are symbolic of a warrior who has returned home as a conqueror. In the chain of this Masquerade, six other symbolic Deities accompany Egbesu-Owou such as Barugu, a symbol of the Iguana, all in total seven Masquerades with the untraceable white colour, the colour of Ijaw power as well as God’s power in all manifestations of his holiness at war and peace

No religious or mystical students by any study know what formed the powers of Egbesu. Today the same revelation the progenitor of Izon was made known has been revealed to High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo as this headpiece appeared to him seven times in Egbesubou in a dream, “Izonkeme, for he who is assigned, shall be the first to see me and let it be known to all men and women for unknown generations to an era. I have come to reveal my face, the mystery of defence to all Izon sons and daughters, this is what makes me greater than all Nations, when times of liberty, freedom, war and peace, I am Egbesu Agonogbolokirigbolo! above and so below.”

Gbaramatu kingdom 2023 annual Amaseikumor Festival has created and revealed to humanity the powers of Egbesu, the white clothes tied above and below in times of defence appeared first in the form of Masquerade line up are the Akparans and Kolokolowei’s, then the one whom the gods reveal itself: Tompolo leads the procession– Egbesu Tubomobramo.

The day before Amaseikumor, Egbesu-Owou first appeared in Gbaramatu Kingdom, the lost glory of the Ijaw Nation has returned

Both men and women, no one looks at the eyes of Tompolo, like thunder lights, Egbesu, like a crown in the ancient of days seat with the symbolic staff of the office of powers to protect Ijaw Nation and develop us with Torumobramo. Ijaw Nation is blessed, let us look inward to our root, like the prodigal son, and then every other thing will be added unto us.

The gods are wise and those who seek their faces, the gods reveal their powers and prosperity to them.

Gbaramatu Kingdom Annual Amaseikumor Festival is here again. I come to tap the blessings of Egbesu-Owou and Amaseikumor spiritual cleansing to brighten our cultural heritage as people with a proven and rich culture in the coastal part of the Niger Delta region.

As we approach the ideal drums in April, the Amaseimokumor Festival and Egbesu– Owou are coming for the preservation of our rich belief system, while Tompolo focuses spirit and roots on the achievement of our dream region benefits from the deities of Ijaw land. Culture is out pride as people.

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