See how policeman beats up Nigerian soldier for skipping queue at ATM stand in Damarutu (photos)


A policeman in Yobe state has beaten up a soldier who tried to skip the queue at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) stand to withdraw money.

It was gathered that the police officer tried to talk to the officer but the two started to exchange words when the fight suddenly began.

According to reports, the soldier who was dressed in his uniform came to the ATM stand to withdraw without making an attempt to join the long queue.

The people at the queue reportedly started to protest when they realized what the soldier was trying to do.

It was gathered that the police officer confronted and demanded that he should join the queue like everyone else.

The fight suddenly began after the two men started to exchange words with each other. The policeman was said to have overpowered the soldier in the fight.

According to Dailypost, they were separated when a witness called the attention of the police and military force in Damarutu.

It was reported that a senior military officer came to pick up the soldier who was wounded to the base for treatment.

The police officer and other officers who were on duty at the bank were allegedly taken for interrogation by Mopol officers in Damarutu.


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