Politicians Desperate To Distract Nigerians From Hardship – Lawyer, Idam

Activist lawyer Maduabuchi Idam has criticized the Nigerian political class for what he calls a “desperate” attempt to divert attention from the hardships faced by Nigerians by reintroducing the old national anthem, “Nigeria we hail thee.”

Idam said the only fraction of Nigerians who can sing “Nigeria we hail thee” are those who have “our common resources in their back pocket.”

On Wednesday, Daily Post reported that President Bola Tinubu signed the National Anthem Bill 2024, into law.

The old national anthem, “Nigeria we hail thee” was reintroduced with the assent of the president.

Mixed reactions trailed the decision to assent to the bill at a time when Nigerians are experiencing hardship.

In a chat with Daily Post, Idam said: “The New-Old National Anthem, My take.

“Inasmuch as the lyrics of the new-old anthem sound more patriotic and Indigenous; I strongly feel that the political class are desperately searching for means to distract the common Nigerians who are worse hit by the economic hardship in the country from asking for good governance.

“I will only “hail thee” when naira stops ailing and our oil blocks recovered from private Wells.

“Those who have reasons to sing “Nigeria we hail thee” are those who have our common resources in their back pocket.

“Of course Akpabio and his 10th Assembly members can “hail thee” and all those who have our oil blocks in their farms can also hail thee.

“It’s about time we shun hypocrisy and get real with issues. The National Anthem is the least of Nigeria’s problem. So, why the buzz about the Anthem?”

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