Nigerians Wait as TapSwap Reveals New Launch Date

TapSwap, a popular cryptocurrency platform has issued a new update.

The platform revealed it would pool launch by July 1st.

This decision comes after the discovery of numerous bots that had accumulated an unrealistic amount of Shares.

According to TapSwap, the main reason for this delay is to address the issue of bots earning an unfair amount of Shares, which compromises the integrity of the token distribution process.

To rectify this situation, the company is taking measures to identify, stop, and ban these bots.

This move aims to ensure a fair allocation of TAPS (TapSwap tokens) and reward those who have earned them honestly.

The delay presents an opportunity for newcomers to join the platform and accumulate Shares, while early adopters of TapSwap may see their status within the community increase.

Additionally, TapSwap has promised to release information about blockchain soon, which will provide further insight into their operations and technology.

TapSwap has expressed gratitude to its users for their patience and understanding as they work to maintain the integrity of their community.

This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to fairness and transparency, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for all users.

The updated launch date is set for July 1st, and users can expect a fair and just distribution of TAPS.

With this delay, TapSwap aims to create a more equitable and sustainable community for all its members.

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Written by Nike

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