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Men Should Have S3xual Intercourse 21 Times A Month – Dr. Rasheed Adedapo

Nigerian medical doctor, Dr. Rasheed Adedapo has stated that it is important for men to engage in s3xual intercourse 21 times a month to prevent prostate cancer.

In an interview with Classic FM, the doctor began by quoting a well-known physiological concept: “If you don’t use it, you loose it.”

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Dr. Rasheed asserts that erections, which are exclusively attained through s3xual activity, are the only kind of exercise a man’s prostate gland receives.

According to his claims, research indicates that a man should be able to engage in s3xual activity twenty-one times a month in order to prevent cardiovascular problems and prostate cancer.

In order to accomplish this, he further counselled men to do whatever it takes to convince their wives to have intimate relationships with them on a regular basis or they can do it with a side chick.

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RadicalYouthMan said: “Omo, I watched this today and understood why women deny men s3x after marriage …. They want prostrate cancer to be the culprit ..but the doctor recommended a side chick … @aproko_doctor come and see better doctor here”

EMMANS wrote: “Watch how fornicators will be rejoicing in the comment session 🙄”

Lover-boy Yuozee stated: “Babe, I hope you can see this😂🤝”


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