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Housewife begs for divorce on grounds of husband’s drug addiction

A housewife, Ramat Joke on Tuesday begged an Area Court in Centre-Igboro, Ilorin, to grant her divorce prayer on grounds that her husband, Habeeb Atanda’s drug addiction.

Joke in her divorce petition told the court that she was not aware that Atanda was hooked on drugs before their marriage.

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“I discovered that he was hooked on drugs and a smoker after we got married.

“All efforts I made to make him change, him failed. His parents couldn’t stop him from smoking.

“My husband steals from me to support his habits. He does not provide for me,” she said.

Responding, Atanda denied stealing from his wife.

He accepted that he was hooked on cigarettes.

Atanda said his wife was the cause of his job loss due to her nagging.

He accepted her divorce request.

The presiding Judge, Abdul Qadir Umar said that marriage was expected to be a mutual understanding, that should be productive.

”In a situation where there are problems, divorce should be allowed,” he said.

Umar therefore dissolved the marriage between the two parties and ordered that the applicant should observe three months of Iddah, a period as dictated in Islam, before she remarries.

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