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Gov Lawal frowns at the condition of children’s correctional facility in Zamfara


Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State has expressed sadness over the current condition of education in the state

The Governor expressed his distaste when he visited an Approved School, established to serve as a correctional centre for the modification of deviant behaviour, especially, among underaged children.

Lawal blamed the rot in the school system on the neglect by the previous administration and condemned the filthy nature of the school environment.

He pointed out the bad odour oozing from some parts of the student’s hostel, the broken school windows, cracked walls and tattered floors noting that some of the students sleep on worn-out mattresses.

The Governor who was visibly disturbed by the condition of the school went round to inspect the kitchen, empty workshop halls and other sections of the institution.

“I have come to see for myself the condition of this place but what I have seen so far is horrible. I can’t even explain.

”The place which should have been a befitting centre for correcting deviant behaviours of children is in a condition that one cannot keep an animal let alone human beings.

”No responsible parent will contemplate bringing his child to such a very bad environment no matter the gravity of his delinquent behaviour, the Governor said.

Earlier, the Principal of the school, Sale Muhammad who took the governor on a tour of the premises said since the creation of the school, it has never had an electricity supply from the national greed.

He also complained of a lack of essential facilities such as a clinic, furniture and workshop tools to train the students in skills for self-reliance.

Following the inspection, Governor Dauda gave a matching order to the responsible Ministries to ensure the school, including its access road, mosques and kitchen, is put in a better condition to carry out its mandate as a correctional facility for children.

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