Ethiopian, AFRAA’s forthcoming Aviation Convention may change African airline industry narrative

In light of Africa’s vast landmass, its population accounting for 16% of the world population, and its low share of global trade of 2%,the continent is an excellent opportunity to develop air transport.

However, as a market, Africa’s share over several decades has remained stagnant at less than 3% of
the world market – it is time to take action to change this narrative.

The 11th Aviation Stakeholders Convention, scheduled to take place from 07-09 May
2023 is timely and aligned to address this situation.

The Convention, which is proudly being hosted by Ethiopian Airlines under the patronage of the Government of Ethiopia, will be held under the theme: “Changing the African Aviation Narrative”.

The event will bring together over 400 delegates from Africa and across the globe. The
Convention is one of Africa’s leading forums for air transport industry stakeholders
to dialogue, exchange knowledge and experiences for the development of the travel

Several African airline Chief Executive Officers and aviation industry thought leaders will be present at the event.

Speaking in Addis Ababa on the significance of attainment of sustainability that will
change the narrative of Africa’s air transport, Mr. Abdérahmane Berthé emphasized
the importance of dialogue among stakeholders and collaborative initiatives such as
those facilitated by AFRAA: “AFRAA and Ethiopian Airlines are excited to stage this
Convention for the travel ecosystem stakeholders to meet, deliberate on strategies to enhance
efficiencies, create synergies, develop intra-Africa connectivity, ensure business continuity
that will redefine the narrative of Africa air transport industry.”

Mr. Mesfin Bekele, Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines remarked, “We are delighted to host
the 11th Aviation Stakeholders’ Convention of AFRAA which will serve as a forum for
stakeholders in the industry to put their heads together and discuss the opportunities and
pressing issues in Africa’s aviation sector. The forum will showcase the ‘Africa Rising’ mantra
manifested in the growing opportunities for all stakeholders in the continent’s aviation

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Written by Tom Chiahemen

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