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Don’t fight with an armed robber; you’ll be killed – Ex-robber advises

A repentant notorious armed robber has advised Ghanaians never to struggle with armed robbers when attacked as doing so endangers the life of the victim.

Yaw Baffoe Bonney Yeboah popularly known as Agya Yaw Yeboah, formerly an armed robber said, fighting and trying to hide possessions from an armed robber could eventually lead to the death of the person being robbed.

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“If armed robbers attack you, remember that your soul is more important. Give whatever they demand to them and let them go in peace. It is God who blesses man,” the armed robber turned pastor said in an interview on Kofi TV.

Agya Yaw Yeboah was an armed robber for 7 years before travelling abroad to deal in cocaine and other hard drugs.

Recounting his experience on Kofi TV, Agya Yaw Yeboah said robbing others off their properties is not a very pleasant thing, but just like himself, others are forced into the act because of hardship and suffering.

He narrates how his family struggled to survive due to poverty at the time.

“Armed robbery isn’t a gift from God. It’s the hardship and pain that force people into it. Me for instance my family was very poor. At certain times even food to eat was a problem. I was a member of a Tema gang before a friend of mine who was then in Germany introduced me to the real 419 group when he realised how smart I was,” he said.

“I was later introduced to armed robbery and realised how lucrative it was but I misused the money,” he mentioned.

Agya Yaw Yeboah disclosed that he eventually had to stop stealing from people to survive after his conscience won’t stop prompting him and the calling he received from God to become a pastor.



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