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Dead South Africa pastor still in morgue for 400 days as church members await his resurrection

Pastor Siva Moodley

A South African pastor who died over a year ago is still to be buried as his family, and members of his congregation are patiently waiting for his resurrection.

Pastor Siva Moodley, the founder of The Miracle Centre in the north of Johannesburg, died at the age of 53 on August 15, 2021.

Since then, his body has been lying in a mortuary in Johannesburg for over a year as his family and followers are waiting for his resurrection.

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Last month, a Martin’s Funeral Home manager said they had filed a court application to have the Pastor’s body disposed of since his family seems unwilling.

Martin du Toit told The Post,

“After Pastor Moodley’s death, his family and members of the church used to visit the funeral home to pray for his resurrection. The last visit was in September last year. Nobody has come to view the body since then. There is no news about his funeral.

“It is a civil matter. I cannot make the decision to bury or cremate him on my own. It has to come from his family but they are not saying anything. He was a well-known man and does not deserve this kind of treatment. I hope the court can provide some relief.”

Since the South African pastor’s death last year, his social media pages have remained very active.

According to reports, the church has not openly acknowledged his death on social media or informed the congregation of his whereabouts.

Services at the church have continued as usual since his death, and are led by his wife, Jessie, son, David, and daughter, Kathryn Jade. The services are also broadcast live on social media.

Pastor Siva Moodley [Picture: Facebook/Siva Moodley]

Cases of families and followers of clergymen believing in their resurrection are not uncommon.

Last year, A Zambian self-proclaimed prophet died after his attempt to recreate Jesus’ resurrection backfired spectacularly. 22-year-old Pastor James Sakara died after he asked his followers to bury him alive for three days so that he could miraculously resurrect.

Sakara, a pastor at the Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chidiza, convinced his congregation that he could come back from the dead and resurrect on the third day.

Members of the church are reported to have performed a series of “spiritual exercises” to resurrect their prophet. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. Prophet James Sakara was unable to emulate Jesus and rise from the dead after three days.

He was survived by a young pregnant wife.



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