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Dantata supports adoption of parliamentary system of government

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Kano-based business mogul Aminu Dantata, on Monday expressed support for the move by some National Assembly members to adopt the Parliamentary System of government, describing it as the best thing to happen to the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria( NAN) reports that Dantata, a former parliamentarian in the First Republic, spoke in Kano while receiving the delegation of 60 members of the House of Representatives seeking for the return to the Parliamentary System.

He said that Nigeria would be great again if the system was adopted.

Dantata noted that the current Presidential System practised in the country was unmanageable and costly, hence the need for change.

He said Nigeria had suffered enough in the Presidential System and nothing seemed to be working, prompting the urgent need to adopt the parliamentary seriously.

“Things are not working; the country is stagnant and the citizens are not enjoying anything out of it, so there should be a serious move to adopt the Parliamentary System so that Nigeria would be great.”

Dantata cautioned the legislators seeking for the adoption of the System to be wary of personal interests because doing contrary would kill the spirit of the mission and render it rejected.

The leader of the delegation, Rep. Kingsley Chinda (PDP-Rivers) noted that the system being operated now was costly and cumbersome, making it difficult to operate.

He said the Parliamentary System allowed true system of democracy to fully come to fruition and also gave the grassroots people the opportunity to come on board in governance.

He said, “Even the prime minister will be choosing from the National Assembly and other governors and any attempt for them to go astray will be tackled easily by the members.”

Chinda urged Nigerians and the media particularly, to support the course because Nigerians would be the greatest beneficiaries at the end.

He said the nation could not continue to be robbed of its wealth under the guise of presidential government.

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