Country Risk and Access Manager At Terre des hommes (Tdh)

Organization: Terre des hommes – Nigeria

Position: Country Risk and Access Manager

Location: Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

Duration: 12 months, with the possibility of extension

Advert Closing date: 27th May 2024

About Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss child relief agency. The Foundation has been helping children in need for over 50 years, defending their rights regardless of their race, creed, or political affiliation. In over 30 countries, Tdh protects children against exploitation, and violence, improves children’s and their mother’s health, and provides emergency psychological and material support in humanitarian crises.

General Responsibilities (Overall Purpose):

The Security & Access Manager (SAM), as a member of the Senior Monitoring Team (SMT) assists and supports the Country Delegate (CD) in ensuring the safety and security of all Tdh’ staff, assets and programs within the country, through a comprehensive operational context and risks analysis methodology.

SAM will be responsible for the design, implementation and ensuring compliance oversight of relevant risk management policies and procedures. To that end, S/He will work with the CD to confirm those related organizational policies/procedures/tools are responsive to the context and appropriate for Tdh program implementation requirements.

S/he will be in charge of promoting a positive Operational Context and Risk Management sound aware-ness among Tdh team through regular briefings, trainings and workshops.

S/Hhe will monitor the Security context and Tdh team movements daily and develop an information-sharing mechanism.

S/He will actively contribute and advise on humanitarian access processes and approaches in close coordination with the SMT to positively sustain Tdh programmatic goals approaches in line with humanitarian principles, humanitarian needs, and the Tdh’s strategy action plan for Nigeria.

S/he will provide expert humanitarian security and access advice to all levels of Tdh staff in the country office, including access negotiations and mediation, context and conflict analysis, advisories, and incident management.

Specific Responsibilities / Context  (Tasks)

Security Management:

  • Elaborate/revise the relevant security documents (risk analyses, Local Safety & Security Rules, Contingency & Relocation plans, and Country Security Plan), in collaboration with the Country Representative.
  • Ensure the implementation and monitoring of all security and safety processes and procedures.
  • Ensure the internal incident tracking system is and perform incident analysis.
  • Act as a key member of the Security Management Team when required during a crisis.
  • Monitor Security communications equipment and implement Communication protocols.
  • Recommends changes in country security plans to CD as needed.
  • Support the CD in the management of security incidents, as well as any other incidents that may occur.
  • Replace the CD for security management during his absence, in coordination with the Head Office (Desk Officer/ Roving Risks Specialist) and the SMT team at the Country Level.


  • Support and represent the CD in negotiations to obtain access to civilian and or military authorities and the UN System.
  • Support the organisation of assessment visits in security-sensitive areas (networking, road analysis, specific SSOP, etc.).
  • Participate in assessment visits when required, and conduct dedicated assessments on Ad-Hoc basis.
  • Contribute to the elaboration/experimentation of adapted access modalities in security-sensitive areas.

Context analysis:

  • Perform regular qualitative follow-up of the political, military and security context in the country.
  • Perform regular quantitative analysis of the security incidents and trends (through internal and external data) in the country.
  • Support the CD for the analysis of local stakeholders, power dynamics, ethno-confessional factors, acceptance factors, and other relevant political, social, and cultural issues.

Reporting and Information Management:

  • Ensure regular (Ad-Hoc, Weekly, Monthly) security and incident reports are completed and sent to headquarters, providing timely updates of all situational and security developments including investigation of security incidents.
  • Maintain and feed internal social networks for security alert dissemination.
  • Conducts and submits Security Risk Assessments of programs, as required.
  • Conducts and submits full Site Security Surveys of every site visited.
  • Conducts and submits Field Visits Reports of all high-risk field deployments to be submitted to the Security Management teams (Country Office and Head Office).
  • Keep excellent records and logs to ensure capitalization and continuity of the Security Department.

Human Resources:

  • Oversee the recruitment and selection of qualified national security Officers, Field Security Focal Point, recommend promotions, disciplinary action and termination of staff in consultation with the CD.
  • Directly manage and supervise Security Officers.
  • Make frequent site visits to facilities to carry out security assessments and ensure appropriate care and training are being conducted. Maintain open lines of communication with all field staff.

Training/ Capacity Building:

  • Supervise and train National Security staff and Field Security Focal Points.
  • Ensure systematic induction security briefings are conducted to all arriving Tdh staff, visitors, or volunteers.
  • Ensure that all field staff is fully cognizant of prevailing security threats and fully advised on means to reduce staff vulnerability to those threats.
  • Provide ad hoc training on specific security and/or safety issues to relevant staff (when needed)
  • Train all Tdh staff in the basic use f
  • Train senior national staff to increase their context awareness and sense of responsibility to promote and develop a risk management-oriented sustainable working culture.
  • Monitors the security preparedness of country staff and works with CR to enforce staff compliance with internal security policies and SSOPs.

Representation and coordination:

  • Attends security coordination meetings and updates CR on current security issues
  • Represent Tdh in bilateral meetings with humanitarian actors and with local actors (in coordination with the CD).
  • Maintain/expand Tdh’s network of security, context and access contacts, among local and international NGOs, local authorities and other relevant entities (INSO, UN system, etc.).
  • In coordination with CD feed regular discussions / organise regular updates on security and context with the Roving Risk Specialist and the HQ Risk Department.
  • Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of the organizations Code of Conduct, ethics, values and standpoint with regard to internal and external actors.

Requirements for the position

Education / Qualifications  

Master’s degree or equivalent in direct or undirect relation with INGO Security Management (International Affairs & Security, Conflict Mediation & Resolution, Human Sciences: Sociology/ Anthropology, Geography, etc.)


At least 3-5 years of demonstrated security management experience in INGOs in

the North East, North West, and potentially North Central.

Proven strong analytical and reporting skills.


English and Hausa (Kanuri, Fulani an advantage).

IT Knowledge           

Microsoft 356 fluency, Social Media and Networks proficiency, Thuraya and VHF.

Security and Compliance:

  • Ensure adherence to Tdh Security Regulations and promptly report any incidents or risks.
  • Fully comply with Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct, including safeguarding policies, anti-fraud/corruption policies, and those related to the prevention of financing criminal activities. Systematically report any breaches through the whistle-blowing framework.
  • Promote awareness within the Foundation regarding abuse, violence, and related rights, respecting the rights and dignity of children, community members, and staff.
  • Commit to Tdh’s risk-management policies, including the Child Safeguarding Policy, Policy on Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Directive on Staff Misconduct, Safety and Security Policy, and Anti-Fraud/Corruption policies.
  • Develop a culture of open and informed leadership to reduce the risk of abuse and harm in our work with children and communities.

This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission.

By signing, the employee acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted this document

Note :

  • Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

Method of Application:

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