COP 28: Challenges and Opportunities

November 25, 2023
COP 28: Challenges and Opportunities

Tens of thousands of people are heading to Dubai in early December for COP 28 – an annual international climate summit convened by the United Nations to prevent fossil fuel pollution from causing irreversible harm. This is expected to stir up discussions between global leaders, climate advocates, and industry representatives from all over the world. What should we expect at this year’s Conference of Party?


COP 28: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES is a webinar that seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities of this year’s Conference of Party otherwise known as COP28.

Esnath Mashanda

Esnath Mashanda is the first speaker. She is an energetic climate activist – a microfinance practitioner and a student teacher from Zimbabwe.
She is the founder of the Advocacy Center for Climate Change and SRHR.

Ayooluwa Folakunmi Ogunsola

Ayooluwa Folakunmi Ogunsola is the second speaker from Nigeria.
He is a driven and dedicated First Class graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education, specializing in Geography and Environmental Management.

His journey as a passionate environmental advocate began at the age of 17, when he embarked on his first and largest climate movement at his university, fueled by his realization of the pressing issue of climate change.

Ayooluwa founded the African Climate Change Movement in 2022, which collaborates with Eco Diversified International, establishing a vast network of climate action takers across 20 countries in and outside Africa. His initiatives have reached over 500 action-takers, with a strong presence in 20 African countries.

He has spoken at various summits, including the Ch20 summit organized by the G20, educating over 5000 individuals on leveraging technology for climate change education. He also received climate reality leadership training with Former United States Vice President Al Gore and participated in significant events like the African Climate Summit and the Accra Reparations Conference.

Ayooluwa has collaborated with renowned global organizations, including Green and Better World Cameroon (2019 – present), contributing virtually to project implementations in Cameroon. He served as the South West Youth Zonal Coordinator at Eco Diversified International (2020-2021) and led as the Head of Programs for the Ogun state chapter at Green Globe Initiative (2018-2020).

He actively participated in the Harbin Institute of Technology and International Arctic School Summer School program, where he contributed an article addressing pollution issues in the Arctic region.

The online program was hosted by Mohammed B Abubakar who is the Founder and Secretary-General of the Centre for Peacebuilding Organizations(CFPO) – an NGO that seeks to promote peace in Africa through peace advocacy and youth empowerment with members in over thirty(30) countries. The online programs, covering different societal issues, are part of their advocacy programs geared towards sensitizing the general public on some of the pressing issues confronting humanity.

The online program is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 25 November 2023 at exactly 4:30 pm WAT, 6:30 pm EAT on Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/zdk-bqbn-fth

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