Home Entertainment Africa: “Rhapsody In White -The Eyo Festival of Lagos” goes live

Africa: “Rhapsody In White -The Eyo Festival of Lagos” goes live

The first public screening of the popular Lagos traditional event-the “Rhapsody in White- The Eyo Festival” is billed for shooting in the city.

The short documentary is centred on the Eyo Festival and its unique place in the culture of Lagosians.

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The Eyo Festival of downtown Lagos is 300 years old. One of Nigeria’s most remarkable cultural ceremonies, it is kept alive by Christians, Muslims and adherents of indigenous religion. This documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the week-long series of rituals and processions that leads to the grand finale, attended by several thousands of guests and participants.

According to the director and producer of the documentary, Pelu Awofeso, “I have wanted to do a documentary of the Eyo Festival since 2003, when I first experienced it as a cub reporter. The festival does not only rank as one of the most colourful cultural ceremonies in Nigeria, it is a statement in cultural excellence and preservation; and it is a festival I recommend highly to the world’s culture vultures.



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