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5 Tips to Start a Cleaning Service In Nigeria

5 Tips to Start a Cleaning Service In Nigeria

Have you been pondering on starting a cleaning service but do not know how to go about it? This blog aims to provide tips and in-depth knowledge to set you up for success in launching a profitable cleaning business.

With the rapid urbanization growth in Nigeria, the demand for reliable and professional cleaning services cannot be overlooked.

cleaning service in Nigeria

5 Tips to Launch your Cleaning Business

To begin your profitable cleaning service, all you may need to start with might just be a Mop and consistency in satisfying your clients. Here are the top 5 tips to launch your business:

1. Choose the Cleaning Service that Fits your Budget: Determine the type of cleaning services you will offer (residential, commercial, etc.) based on your skills and budget. Residential cleaning is quite affordable and can easily fit into your budget. There are other varieties of cleaning business you can choose from which include:

    • Janitorial cleaning
    • Eco-cleaning
    • Dry cleaning
    • Sanitization cleaning
    • Industrial cleaning

    2. Choose your Focus Area to Service: It is required that you carry out a survey like talking to potential clients and analyzing competitor locations to determine your focus area. Choose locations that are lucrative and promising in terms of profit. Lagos is known to be the economic hub and one of the largest cities in Africa, is a perfect location to launch your cleaning business.

    According to a report by the world population review, the population of Lagos as at 2024 is estimated at 16,536,018 million persons which consists of households and commercial businesses. It’s a location that your cleaning business will surely thrive. Other locations include Abuja, Ogun, and Rivers as there is also an increase in urban population in these states.

    3. Register your Cleaning Business: While a mop and bucket might be enough to get you started, registering your business is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. Here is why you should register your business:

    • Establishes Legitimacy: Once you register your cleaning business, it becomes a legal entity, allowing you to open a business account with the bank, obtain permits, and enter into contracts. This fosters trust with potential customers.
    • Builds Brand Identity: This helps to promote your cleaning business and stand out from your competitors.

    To register your cleaning service business name in Nigeria is a straightforward process. You can do it online through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) website or by visiting the physical office.

    4. Get Adequate Cleaning Materials and Quality Equipment: While starting a residential or commercial cleaning business, you need to buy some cleaning agents and equipment before your first job.

    Here is a checklist of some cleaning materials you should get:

    • Mop and Bucket
    • Face mask
    • Detergent and Disinfectant
    • Stain removal chemical
    • Hard/soft scrub Brush
    • Trash bags
    • Glass cleaner
    • Spray bottles
    • Extendable hose
    • Latex gloves
    • Toilet cleaner
    • Cleaning towels
    cleaning service equipmentcleaning service equipment

    5. Learn how to Determine Pricing and Quotation: Setting competitive and profitable pricing is a crucial step for a successful cleaning service business in Nigeria. To determine how much to charge for house cleaning service, you should consider using the following structure:

    • Hourly rate: Simple and straightforward, ideal for smaller jobs or add-on services.
    • Flat rate: Set a fixed price based on the size and type of property.
    • Room rate: Set price based on the room type e.g. Sitting room, bedroom room, Kitchen etc.
    • Square foot rate: Set price based on the total floor area to be cleaned.

      Cost of Setting Up a Cleaning Service

      Depending on the type of cleaning service you want to render, it cost about N50,000 to N100,000 to purchase essential equipment to run on a small scale but the cost of running on a larger scale is quite higher.

      Apart from getting the equipment, spreading the word about your cleaning business is crucial. Cost can include creating flyers and running online campaigns.

      Liability and health insurance costs are also essential as you will want to protect yourself from a potential accident or property damage during cleaning jobs. Insurance companies like Hygeia, Axamansard, and Reliance offer these services.

      If you are starting your house cleaning business on a small scale, it is advisable to begin with a manageable service area and scale gradually. Look for good quality, gently used equipment to save initial cost.

      Types of Cleaning Services in Nigeria

      1. Residential Cleaning: This is the most common type of cleaning service and in high demand. It has to do with a thorough home cleaning which includes mopping, floor washing, wall dusting, and tile cleaning.

      2. Commercial Cleaning: This has to do with more expertise and is also lucrative. As stated earlier, there is a rapid growth of business in Nigeria and there will be a constant need of cleaning services for these businesses to maintain their work spaces. cleaning service will include window washing, carpet cleaning, and janitorial maintenance.

      3. Industrial Cleaning: This has to do with cleaning of manufacturing factories and warehouses. There are loads of manufacturing companies in Lagos, Abuja, and rivers. Cleaning services include floor washing, machine cleaning, and deep cleaning. It also requires heavy equipment and expertise.

      4. Dry Cleaning: This is a very popular cleaning business idea that is very rampant in areas like Lagos and Abuja. These has to do with washing and ironing of clothes and car washing. You can use cleaning agents as simple as detergent and soap.

      cleaning business-man cleaning the dish
cleaning business-man cleaning the dish

        Pros and Cons of Cleaning Service in Nigeria

        The cleaning service niche in Nigeria is very lucrative and is in high demand. Before you jump into it, it’s important to note the pros and cons.


        • High Demand: The ever-increasing population growth in Nigeria creates a strong demand for cleaning services both residential and commercial.
        • Low Startup Cost: Compared to other businesses, you can start your cleaning business with little cash by investing in basic equipment and supplies.
        • Scalability: Start small and scale your cleaning business gradually as you get more clients
        • Recurring Revenue: With consistent service delivery, you can build a strong client base and generate recurring income.


        • Competitive Market: The cleaning service industry is very competitive. You will need to deploy exceptional strategies and competitive pricing to stand out of the pack.
        • Physical Demands: Cleaning is very labor intensive. A lot of bending, lifting, and carrying is done all the time. You will have to consider your physical capabilities.
        • Marketing: This Involves online marketing, the offering of discounts, and networking to acquire new clients.
        • Unpredictable schedule: Businesses or households may require cleaning services outside regular business hours or on weekends, which might disrupt work schedules.


        Cleaning service business is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria you can start with little capital. So are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? With careful planning, tips, and knowledge you have gained from this blog post, you can turn your cleaning business into a profitable and fulfilling reality. Stay tuned for more.


        How do you manage cleaning services?

        To manage a cleaning service effectively, consider factors such as planning and scheduling, time management, quality control, and customer feedback.

        How much can I charge for cleaning services?

        Pricing depend on factors property size, service type, and location.

        What type of cleaning business pays the most?

        Commercial cleaning is the most profitable cleaning service as the demand is always high. You can make a lot of profit from it if you secure a commercial cleaning contract.

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