Why I Won’t Attend My Father’s Burial – Actress Chioma Toplis

Chioma Toplis

By Esther Alexander –

Nigerian actress, Chioma Toplis has taken to social media to disclose why she would not shed a tear when her father dies nor attend his funeral.

The London-based actress, while giving her opinion on domestic violence, as a result f the recent death of popular gospel singer Osinachi, said she grew up with an abusive father and her mother is the “winner” for leaving alive.

Chioma, who is married to a white man and has three children, wrote on Instagram:

I thought we are the only ones that have a U$ELE$$ father. He is an Elder in the church too.

“We are in the same boat, my mother left my father too for many reasons ranging from Laziness, lousiness, cheating, senselessness, foolishness, beating in fact Everything bad.

“Do you know what? She is the WINNER for leaving alive.

“I grew up wondering what the h€ll made my mother marry such an AWFUL man.

“I won’t even attend his burial even if I am in Nigeria talk more of crying. The most interesting part is none of my siblings will either. Except my brother the first son just to fulfill the native and custom law.

“Yes, he will defo die before us because he came to this world before US!

“N/B his burial will be nothing to write home about. Just open the ground and throw him in at the corner of our house beside the garden Oh Yes that is where he belongs!

“Of course he knows this already!”

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