What I Look For in a Man – Tems

Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, also known as Tems has opened up on her ideal man.

She spoke during an interview on Korty EO’s YouTube show.

She emphasized the importance of humor, emotional intelligence, and spiritual maturity in a relationship, stating that these qualities are essential for her in a romantic partner.

“You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and spiritually adept. Just on that journey of your own,” Tems said.

Tems continued to share her doubts about the intentions of numerous men she meets. She stated that she frequently sees through their motives easily, making it difficult for her to believe in the genuineness of what they say.

In her words;

“The thing is I know their intentions, most of the times they have one intention, as most guys do [Laughs]. They are very obvious, so how can I even trust this conversation we are having it’s not even real, everything you say is fake.

I have thing I am looking for, You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and you have to be spiritually adept, inclined and mature. Just on that journey of your own. To boys that like me ‘show me’.”

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