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By Paul Adaji (ABUJA)

The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan on Tuesday,  said the country had taken strategic steps to ensure protection of all staff and property of diplomatic missions accredited in the country.

The ministry made this known in a statement  by the Embassy of Sudan in Nigeria over issue of rebellion by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) on April 15.

The ministry in the statement said it would clarify the issue related to the matter to the public and international community.

“The unfortunate event that occured on Saturday April 15,  resulted from the RSF’s rebellion against the SAF in a number of locations in the capital and some other cities.

“Thus, following the attack that the RSF launched against the residence of the president of the TSC, which is located next to the General Command of the Armed Forces.

“The attack took place same day where scheduled meeting between the President of the Sovereignty Council, the Commander-in-Chief, and the Commander of the RSF was supposed to take place.

“This indicates bad intention on the part of the RSF; accordingly the Armed Forces responded, driven by their national duty to achieve security and stability in the country.”

“This is to defeat the attack and expel the RSF from the vicinity of the General-Command and other headquarters the rebel forces tried to seize, such as Republican Palace, Khartoum, Airport and Radio/Television Headquarter.”

The ministry explained that as a result of rebellion by the RSF Command, the President of the TSC and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces issued decision to dissolve the RSF.

Also that the RSF had been declared rebellious force against the state, adding that the latter would be dealt with on such basis.

“It should be noted that all national, regional and international mediation that sought to persuade the RSF Command to integrate into the armed forces failed, due to refusal by its leaders.

“In the midst of confrontations that are  ongoing with dissolved RSF remnants, the ministry affirms the Armed Forces have adopted combat strategy, to minimize losses among civilians, private and public property.

“Although these measures may take some time to end the control of the RSF remnants over the government sites.

“The ministry affirms that the competent authorities have taken all necessary measures to protect all headwaters and staff of diplomatic missions accredited to Khartoum.”

The ministry further expressed appreciation to the Arab, African countries and international community in their efforts to help calm situation in the country.

It advised that the issue should be dealt with as an internal matter.

The ministry said the Sudanese alone were able to settle it, adding that international interference in matters within domestic jurisdiction of States was not right way to resolve the issue in question.

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