Sudan Military agrees to return to democratic rule


Aggrieved parties in Sudan have agreed to return to a democratic system.

The Sudanese former civilian ruling coalition and the military junta are expected to sign a framework agreement aimed at restoring a civilian-led democratic transition.

In a statement, The Forces for Freedom and Change – Central Council FFC-CC, says the agreement will end the military coup and establish a new constitution that will pave way for a final agreement on the transitional period in the country.

“Issues of justice, the dismantling the structure of the 30 June 1989 regime, recovering public funds, security reforms, structuring and integrating forces, and defining their tasks in a civil democratic state, as well as achieving comprehensive and sustainable peace”, the statement reads.

The agreement has however faced criticism from some groups including the pro-democracy groups led by the Sudanese Resistance Committees, who alleged that the FFC-CC has agreed to grant the military leaders immunity against prosecution once they hand over power.

Though the FFC-CC has denied the allegation, protests challenging the agreement have already begun in the capital, Khartoum, and more are expected across the country, as people call for those who led the coup to be held accountable.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese government has released Wajdi Salih, a popular politician and head of the anti-corruption committee tasked with dismantling former president Omar al-Bashir’s regime.

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