State police will address security challenges in Nigeria- ECWA


Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) has thrown its weight behind requests for state police to be established, claiming that it will address Nigeria’s security concerns.

When ECWA President Rev. Stephen Panya-Baba visited Rev. Ronku Aka, Brra Nggwe Rigwe in Miango Chiefdom of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau on Wednesday, he expressed his support.

Several villages in Miango were recently attacked, according to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), with scores of people murdered and many more injured.

In 39 settlements across the chiefdom, the assailants razed several homes and damaged crops on farmlands.

The measure, according to the ECWA president, would go a long way toward assisting states.

According to the ECWA president, the action would go a long way toward assisting state governments in dealing with the country’s numerous security concerns.

Panya-Baba noted that the country’s current security structure was unable to meet the country’s security challenges, necessitating the Federal Government’s approval of the creation of state police.

“When there is a security breach, state administration is frequently unable of dealing with the matter.

“Many state governors have expressed dissatisfaction with their inability to issue instructions to federal security agencies operating in their states when security breaches occur.

“ I’d want to make a formal request to the federal government.

“Allow states to form their own security forces and fully equip them to deal with internal security threats.

“I believe the time is right for state police, and I urge the parliament (National Assembly) to introduce measures that will enable this to happen,” he said.

Panya-Baba praised the security authorities for responding quickly to the killings on the Rukuba road and urged them to do the same should attacks occur in other regions of the state.

He also asked security agencies to carry out their constitutional duty of protecting Nigerians’ lives and property in a fair, just, and professional manner.

Aka, the Miango Chiefdo’s Supreme Ruler, responded.

He encouraged the government and security agencies to step up efforts to protect his subjects.

He expressed gratitude to the ECWA leadership for the visit, as well as its ongoing support for victims of attacks in the chiefdom, and urged the church to continue to pray for peace in Plateau.

According to NAN, ECWA gave 350 bundles of roofing sheets and 10 bales of second clothing to the victims of the chiefdom’s attacks.

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