Shun western culture, Cross River govt urges Nigerian youths


Special Assistant to the Governor of Cross River on Culture, Mrs Elizabeth Esu, has urged Nigerian youths to reject western ideas and embrace their own culture.

On the sidelines of the ongoing South South Tourism Stakeholders Forum in Calabar, Esu delivered the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday.

“Use of Digital Technology to Revamp the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Amid COVID-19 and Security Challenges in Nigeria” is the theme of the forum.

The governor’s adviser, who claimed that western culture has degraded Nigerian culture in terms of dancing, attire, food, and languages, implored the youths not to let it die.

“My advice to our youth is that they should learn and be able to perform traditional dance, because our younger generation, particularly students today, are unable to speak our languages or perform our dance steps.

“We need to put in place a training program so that they can dance our traditional dances and speak our languages.

“Our cultural center has been teaching children how to dance and communicate in their native languages. We’re still thinking about going to schools to make sure they’re aware of our culture,” she explained.

Esu said she led the state cultural group in showcasing traditional clothes and dances to illustrate Nigeria’s variety while being together.

The ensemble, she claims, has performed theater on numerous occasions to deter violence and promote national togetherness. We do this to keep the country safe from riots and assassinations.

“This demonstrates that we are all Nigerians. There’s nothing quite like where I’m from.

“They also show our culture and the origins of each ethnic group. We will continue to promote our culture because many of our youths are unaware of how to do so, and we do not want our culture to perish.

“We need to pave the ground for our young ones to bring them up so that they can participate and see that our culture is here to stay,” she stated.


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