Seven candidates to contest for presidency of Cape Verde come October 17


Constitutional Court of Cape Verde has recognized seven presidential candidates for the October 17 election, according to a statement.

According to the court, Mr Péricles Tavares was the lone contender who was dismissed due to various anomalies.

Since independence from Portugal in 1975, Cape Verde has had seven official contenders for the country’s top office for the first time.

Carlos Alberto Wahnon de Carvalho Veiga, Fernando Rocha Delgado, Gilson Joo dos Santos Alves, Hélio de Jesus Pina Sanches, Joaquim Jaime Monteiro, and Casimiro Jesus Lopes de Pina are among the applicants.

Mr. Neves is a PAICV candidate, whilst Mr. Veiga is backed by the ruling Movement for Democracy (MpD). They were both prime ministers of the country.

The country’s current president, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, 70, has been in power since 2011 and has served the maximum two terms allowed by law. He is therefore ineligible to contest in the October 17 elections.

From September 30 until October 15, election campaigns will take place. If a presidential run-off is necessary, it will be held on October 31.

Since independence, Cape Verde has had four presidents: Aristides Pereira (1975-1991), António Mascarenhas Monteiro (1991-2001), the first elected directly, Pedro Pires (2001-2011), and Jorge Carlos Fonseca (2011 to present).

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