Rwanda administers door-to-door Covid-19 vaccinations to vulnerable groups

An eledery man gets his vaccine from Muyumbu Health center in Rwamagana District on March 5,2021.Photo:Cyril NDEGEYA


Rwanda has begun providing door-to-door Covid-19 vaccination to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly.

Minister of State in Charge of Primary Healthcare, Dr. Tharcisse Mpunga, explained that the vaccines for vulnerable individuals were sent to their homes due to a strong demand for vaccinations among young people.

“The vaccination is in high demand, particularly among young people. We don’t have enough vaccines to vaccinate 60% of the population currently, so we started with the most vulnerable. We are hoping to get more vaccines to reach more people,” Dr Mpunga said.

Nurses will be helped by local leaders and community health workers who will assign beneficiaries and gather data.

Beneficiaries can acquire the vaccine by calling a toll-free number or consulting community health workers in their area.

According to the Ministry of Health statistics, 60 percent of Covid-19 deaths are people above the age of 60.

The current mass vaccination targets people aged 40 and above, pregnant and nursing mothers, and other people with conditions that predispose them to serious illness.

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