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Rexona Launches New 72hr Deodorant and the Promise of Staying Dry and Fresh for Long!

The sun was shining, and the excitement was palpable as Rexona introduced its game-changing 72Hrs Deodorant at a vibrant launch event on 17 May, 2024.

The Rexona motion party theme set the stage for a day filled with games, competitions, and electrifying performances by top artists, making it a launch event like no other.

Attendees were greeted with a lively atmosphere transformed into a playground of motion and fun.

The blue carpet welcomed guests, and soon, everyone was immersed in the festivities, eager to experience the effectiveness of Rexona’s new Deodorant.

The highlight of the event was the interactive games, where attendees competed and tested out the product’s long-lasting protection against sweat and odour.

From relay races to dance challenges, the games showcased the Deodorant’s ability to keep users fresh and dry throughout the day.

Top influencers, including BBnaija’s Ceec and Neo Akpofure, Hauwa, Tobeszn were in attendance, adding to the buzz and excitement surrounding the product launch. Attendees were invited to try the product and share their experiences, with many expressing their delight at how well it performed during the activities.

One guest remarked, “I can’t believe how fresh and dry I feel even after all the games. Rexona’s 72hr Deodorant is a game-changer!

“The day was further enhanced by captivating performances from top artists, adding to the excitement and energy of the event. Attendees danced and cheered, thoroughly enjoying every moment of the unforgettable celebration.

By the end of the evening, everyone left with a newfound appreciation for Rexona. It symbolised a fresh start and a chance to conquer goals confidently.

This revolutionary product will surely change how Nigerians approach sweat and odour protection. Look for it on store shelves — you won’t regret experiencing the power of the new Rexona 72-hour deodorant.

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