‘People say I’m a waste to my mother and womanhood’ – Ghanaian female bodybuilder


A Ghanaian/Nigerian female bodybuilder known as Mary Got Fit narrated with BBC News how people have been saying bad things about her since she started hitting the gym to build her muscles.

The lady who is a bodybuilder and a certified gym instructor said that she started bodybuilding at 21 years old.

Since then, she’s been regular in the field of bodybuilding despite what people say about her. She said that people say that she’s a waste to her mother, her mother wasted 9 months carrying her in her womb. Many people say many bad things about her, some even say that she’s a shame of womanhood just because she’s a bodybuilder.

Some old women said that she’s defiling her body by making it look like that of men. She said all these words do pain her a lot, but it doesn’t stop her from doing what makes her happy. She also stated that she once dated a guy who was ashamed of her. He doesn’t like to walk with her on the road, he always likes to walk on his own because he was ashamed of what people will say.

People also say that she will find it difficult to see a husband to marry, but she said she will shock them all one day by showcasing her husband and her kid one day. She also made it clear that being a bodybuilder doesn’t mean she’s a mean person who has a strong heart. She has a soft heart like other females, she also feels pain like other ladies. She’s aspiring to become one of the most popular female bodybuilders in the world.

Photo credits: BCC

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