Over 34,535 Palestinians killed as mass grave discovered on Gaza strip

As of May 1, the number of Palestinian martyrs has reached 34,535, with 77,704 wounded, in addition to thousands of others who are still missing under the rubble or subjected to enforced disappearance in Israeli occupation detention centers.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah M. Abu Shawesh, in a statement on Thursday titled: “On the 209 day of the frenzy genocidal war against the Palestinian people”, said the war had left an estimated 37 million tons of debris and unexploded ordnance.

According to the statement, Palestinian detainees are subjected to harsh measures, receiving minimal sustenance such as a single slice of bread and a small amount of food to merely sustain their lives and prevent death, resulting in substantial weight loss and serious health consequences.

“Around 155,000 pregnant women and new mothers are struggling to survive. They are suffering from hunger and the diseases that stalk it, amid life-threatening shortages of food, water and medical care …. Only three maternity hospitals remain in the Gaza Strip, and they are overwhelmed with patients. Doctors and midwives … are struggling to provide adequate care to newborns.”

The Palestinian Minister of Transport, Tariq Zourub, declared that the losses of the transportation sector in the Gaza Strip exceeded 3 billion dollars. The occupation destroyed about 945 km of roads and 55,000 vehicles, which is equivalent to 65% of the road network and 60% of the vehicles licensed in the strip.

Day after day, Israeli crimes in Gaza are revealed, and every day we witness a new chapter of genocidal crimes. Recently, many mass graves were discovered in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Nasser Medical Complex in the Gaza Strip, which contain hundreds of dead bodies.

According the Euro-Med Monitor “their filed team documented the recovery of dozens of bodies from the mass graves in Alshifa Medical Complex’s courtyard, belonging to handcuffed victims, other individuals who were wounded but not provided with medical care, and those who were executed despite their health conditions. The victims decomposing bodies were found in several places, with some having been run over by the Israeli bulldozers which left their bodies torn into pieces”

The rescue teams recovered dozens of deceased Palestinians from mass graves created by the Israeli army at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis. A total of 392 bodies were found in three mass graves at the Nasser Medical Complex. 165 out of the 392 bodies were unidentified and could not be identified due to suspicions that some of the victims had been subjected to organ theft.

Some bodies were found with hand ties, open abdomens, and stitched in a way that contradicted the usual method of stitching. Other bodies showed signs of torture and being shackled with plastic restraints.

The rescue crews added, “The body of a citizen was also spotted wearing operational clothing,” The body of a girl with her arms and legs amputated was spotted and she was wearing operational room clothes, which raises doubts about his burial alive.”

The crews believe that all previous evidence indicates that the occupation committed crimes against humanity and carried out field executions on the campus of the Nasser Medical Complex; as part of the genocidal war it has been waging against our people in the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October. It is worth noting that Israel denies all these facts and considers them as categorically false and mere examples of disinformation to delegitimize Israel.

When he was asked about the report discussing the mass graves and his thoughts on it, the UNSG spokesperson said on April 22 and I quote, “Yes, we are very much aware. We’ve seen these reports on various media platforms. They’re extremely troubling, to say the least. Yet another reason, as if we needed one, for all of these sites to be fully investigated in a way that is credible and independent.”

The significant number of mass graves is concerning, and we call for an independent investigation committee with specialized expert technical support to be established by the UN to investigate the issue.

Pehr Lodhammar, the senior officer at the UN Mine Action Service UNMAS said April 26 that “the war had left an estimated 37 million tons of debris in the widely urbanized, densely populated territory…… although it was impossible to determine the exact number of unexploded ordnance found in Gaza, it was projected that it could take 14 years under certain conditions to clear debris, including rubble from destroyed buildings.”

Even after the war has ended, Israel has ensured that hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza will be killed and maimed by shells and unexploded materials. “This is the most dangerous period; once people start returning to the north, that’s when most accidents will occur, because they won’t be familiar with where your unexploded ordnance is located”.

We are all witnessing deep and real changes in the global discourse and political arena. We are at an inflection point. The profound and broad changes that are taking place now everywhere around the world, indicate that Israel has lost its position as an eternal victim once and for all.

The Israeli prime minister and many other fanatic, messianic cabinet ministers and officials have labeled criticism of Israel’s genocidal war as Anti-Semitic and supportive of terrorism. This is the old and traditional Zionist scarecrow and sacred cow they use to stifle any critical voices against their bloody policies and brutal measures.

New generations worldwide are becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the facts. “Pro-Palestine university campus protests have spread across the United States, with harsh crackdowns at some institutions ……. These include mass suspensions, evictions from university housing, and arrests of students, faculty, legal observers, and journalists covering these events.

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