Obidient Movement backs dissolution of Labour Party excos in Imo

The Obidient Movement made up several other groups who believe and stand solidly behind His Excellency Mr Peter Obi and his cause to be the next President of Nigeria, and several other Youth bodies under the aegis of The Labour Party Youth Vanguard has reiterated its stand with its National Chairman in the dissolution of the Labour Party State Executive in Imo State.

The group made their position known in a statement issued on Monday by its Secretary, Comrade Obinna Ozoji

The statement said: “As true Labour party members, we want to emphatically state that the dissolution of the entire Labour party executive structure in Imo state was done in the best interest of the party and the good people of Imo state as we approach the forth coming Gubernatorial elections, and not to favour any particular candidate as is being widely circulated by certain personalities and characters who feel their plans of hijacking the state structure of the Labour party is now under threat by this wise decision of the National Chairman .

“We the youths of Imo state have observed this to be the trend once gubernatorial elections are approaching in our state. Certain individuals constitute themselves into forming a cabal or negative power bloc, and use whatever authority they can muscle, to wrestle power by all means possible including going against the wishes of the masses. We wish to tell those characters who are well known in the state that “enough is enough”. We stand by any decision that will allow a level playing field for all contestants to be delivered and state without an iota of doubt, that the first step to actualizing this has been taken by the National Chairman of the Labour party.

“It is general knowledge that in a football competition, every serious participating team will bring forth their best eleven if they are intent on winning the competition and taking the prize trophy. The same applies to the forth coming gubernatorial elections in Imo state.

“Any serious football team that wishes to participate in a football competition and win, must do so with their best, tested and trusted team. This is what our National Chairman has come to do and nothing short of our best must be put forward.

“We wish to restate, and quite authoritatively this time, that for The Labour Party to win the Governorship seat in Imo state come November, the newly constituted Labour Party state Caretaker Committee, under the strict guardianship of our National Chairman, should be given all the necessary support from all indigenes and residents of Imo state who seek for a credible and people oriented government. Again, because we have observed this team to be one which has a dominant breed of political juggernaut’s, intellectuals, young vibrant and experienced men and women in it, this committee must stand.

“It is also worthy of note that considering the introduction of several new technologies to our electoral system, we need a new breed and brand of technologically savvy persons who can drive the Labour party, check rigging systems and protect our votes.

“Sequel to the dissolution of the caretaker Committee in Imo state, some persons had resulted to blackmailing the National Chairman/Leadership and even going to court, to obtain injunctions against the dissolution. This act is both despicable and out of line but not surprising too.

“Imo state is one state in the federal republic of Nigeria which has sadly built a reputation of electing leaders who come in through the back door and not by the will of the masses and further to this, our state is constantly made a theatre of the absurd, while laughable and murky politics that is associated banana republics, is constantly on display at Douglass House Owerri. Thank goodness that respite is fast approaching.

“Finally, we must recognize and appreciate the supremacy of the Party Leadership when it comes to taking hard and difficult decisions that will ensure the success and victory of the party in any elections is taken. Therefore, if the party leadership in its wisdom takes a decision, we must learn to abide by it. Persons who are known for their political “jumpology” and historical attempts to allays be at the negative end in Imo state, should not desecrate The Labour Party with their usual selfish and self-serving style of politics because we know that true Labour Party members always resort to internal party mechanisms in the resolution of issues instead of embarrassing themselves and the state through dirty public fights and power tussling.

“We plead with our party leaders in Imo state, to rise up and stand against the continued injustice being meted to our people by the present corruption laden and focus-less APC government of Governor Hope Uzodinma.

“Labour party is the only party constituted of a new breed of corrupt free politicians and the Obidient movement is today the most sincere political movement that can restore true dividends of democracy to NDI-IMO. We must shun greed and selfishness and join hands to restore Imo from the clutches of these people who do not mean well for Imo state.

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Written by Tom Chiahemen

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