Nigerians sad as pretty Ivorian lady Zenab jets back to her country, shares photo


Eba Zenab, the pretty Ivorian lady who has been noticeably close to Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju is jetting out of Nigeria after welcoming him from London.

Zenab shared a photo showing herself at the airport indicating that it was time to jet out after the momentous event.

Nigerians feel bad

As soon as Zenab shared the photo, Nigerians took to the comment section to express gratitude to her for her support of Kunle.

Many are even sounding heartbroken that she is going back to her country and they are asking why.

Kunle had said earlier that he very much likes Zenab whom he said he has known for 6 months but said he does not know if the pretty lady would accept him.

See Zenab’s tweet below:

Bye Naijas, and thanks for welcoming.

Twitter users react @adewuyi_tim said: “You are going to pack your load and come back or what….talk to me.”

@Ojamesmac commented: “This is not what we expected Ma’am. Is there anything that’s pursuing you from Lagos?”

@Ice2phine reacted: “Going back so quickly? Why not wait a bit longer, he @lionheart1759 will ask THE QUESTION, he only needs time. Thank you for coming anyways. We love you and wish you the very best in your endeavors.”


“Our wife, we look forward to seeing you soon again.”

Kunle dances with Zenab In a related story, reported that Zenab and Kunle were seen dancing nicely in public in Ivory Coast.

The lady took Kunle’s hand and they journeyed together to the dancing floor. They both danced nicely to a cool Makosa tune.

Many who saw the video started to suspect that there is something going on between them since then. Source:

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