Nigerian gunmen free dozens of kidnapped seminary pupils

TOPSHOT - The remaining wares of students of Bethel Baptist High School are seen inside the school premises as parent of abducted students wait for the return of their children whom were abducted by gunmen in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state, northwest Nigeria on July 14, 2021. - The girls are just two of the more than 100 Nigerian children snatched from Bethel Baptist High School nearly three weeks ago, herded by gunmen into the forests after a kidnapping raid on their dormitories. The July 5 attack in Nigeria's northwest Kaduna state was just the latest mass abduction at a school or college as kidnap gangs seeking quick ransoms zero in on soft target of young students. Armed kidnappings for ransom along highways, and from homes and businesses now make almost daily newspaper headlines in Africa's most populous country. (Photo by Kola Sulaimon / AFP)

Nigerian gunmen have liberated the remaining students from an Islamic seminary seized over three months ago in southwestern Niger State, according to the school’s head instructor.

On May 30, heavily armed thieves abducted 136 students from a seminary in Tegina, in the latest in a string of mass abductions targeting Nigerian institutions and colleges since December.

According to school officials, six of the students died in custody and a further 15 fled in June.

“All of the students have been discharged.” By phone, seminary head Abubakar Alhassan stated, “We are presently transporting them home.”

“I’m afraid I can’t offer you an accurate figure right now.” When we go home, we’ll have to screen them. However, none of them of the pupils is in captivity.”

He didn’t explain how the students were released or whether or not a ransom was paid.

Fati Abdullahi, whose 18-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son were among the kidnapped students, confirmed that the students were released.

“On the phone, we’ve been in touch with those who are transporting them back to their homes. We’ve been following their return journey “According to Abdullahi. “We can’t wait to see them.”

Attacks, looting, and mass abductions by criminal organizations known as bandits have increased in the northwest and central parts of Nigeria. However, criminals have begun targeting schools and students as a means of extracting additional ransom money this year.

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