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Bilateral trade volume between Israel and Nigeria stands at between $200 million and $250 million  yearly, Michael Freeman, Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria, said.

He assured of his country’s readiness to improve the trade volume.

Freeman, also Permanent Representative of Israel to ECOWAS, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday, promising to deepen trade cooperation between both countries.

“It often changes due to COVID-19 and I see no reason why trade between both countries will not be reaching four times that within very short period.

“There is a lot we need to do to increase trade volume and that is my target; Israel and UAE established diplomatic relations since past two to three years.

“Within that timeframe we have got from zero trade to close to $2billion worth of trade in couple of years. Israel has population of 9 million people, as well as the UAE too.

“Meanwhile, in Nigeria there is a population of approximately 200 million people, we think about potential of what the trade will be, if we work together.”

He explained that the trade cooperation could be strengthened bilaterally, saying there were many things Israel could buy from Nigeria and vice versa, in the bid to increase the trade volume.

According to Freeman, it may not just be based on trade, but also in provision of jobs in Nigeria and improvement in the lives of the citizenry.

“We will work closely with the Nigerian government, to boost partnership in ensuring safety of Nigerians on pilgrimage to Israel.

“We welcome all Nigerian tourists and we want Nigerians to come to Israel and return to tell compatriots about their experiences in the Holy Land.”

The envoy also reassured of the country’s plan to work closely with Nigeria and Africa at large, in area of sustainable security to boost trade cooperation between them.

The envoy commended Israel-Nigeria diplomatic relations to have been established on mutual grounds

He reiterated that Israel sought to expand its relations with Africa, particularly in areas with potential to record remarkable growth.

“Recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu at a forum, said Africa was a priority, be it East, West, Central or South Africa, particularly Nigeria, which has lots of opportunities to work together with Israel.

“We are looking to establish diplomatic relations with countries we do not have ties with yet; we will like to establish diplomatic relations and share expertise with those countries.

“Africa is the future and Israel too is the future, so together we have potential to do amazing things for our people; Israel is willing to work with Nigeria on security.

“We are willing to partner Nigeria on basis of reaslising what Nigerians need; we have significant experience in homeland security, yet continue to face terrorism challenge, these are things Nigerians are aware of and have experienced.


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