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New breed of Christians emerge in Accra

The Believers' House of Life (BHL) INC

A New breed of Christians determined to use Christianity to raise God-fearing politicians, businessmen, music and film stars, have emerged at St. John’s, a suburb of Accra.

Coming together to form a church called the Believers’ House of Life (BHL) INC, they have a common goal called the ‘Stardom Mandate’.

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The Stardom mandate is aimed at “raising the Jesus-addicted generation of global stars, men and women of matchless greatness and untold wealth dominating nations, systems and various careers for Kingdom advantage and advancement.

It seeks to change the minds of believers that a person can be a musician, actress, politician and soccer star and yet truly be serving God without any ‘juju’.

Pastor Michael Divine Lasisi, Founder of the Church said all members of the Church had a common goal, and it was for them to become famous people in various fields like politics, entertainment, business, among others, to use themselves to win the world for Christ.

He made the remarks at the sixth anniversary celebration of the Church’s youthful ministry hoping to impact lives by reaching out to more young people from all walks of life.

Pastor Lasisi said the Church believed that a man could be the most successful businessman or politician and yet devoted his life to the service of the Kingdom of God and described the Church as Kingdom of Influencers in nations, generations and systems.

He added that he and his congregations would not mind using radical approach in conquering the whole universe for God.

“BHL is about to take Ghana by storm. The world has not seen anointing yet,” he said.

Abeiku Santana, a Broadcast Journalist, who attended the anniversary expressed his appreciation about the way the church was working to reshape Christianity and careers.

The Church has membership from Kasoa, Tema and other areas, across the country, and was currently taking over St. John’s and surrounding environs.



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