Late legendary Nigerian musician Sonny Okosun loses father at 110

by Tom Chiahemen
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Pa Duke Akhere Okosun, father of late legendary Nigerian musician, Sonny Okosun,Stella Okosun, has passed on at the age of 110 years.

The late musician’s younger sister, Stella, announced the death of Pa Okosun, saying that the father died in October 2021.

Stella, a certified nurse and the brain behind the United States Mission Health International Foundation made this known in a statement in Lagos on Saturday.

The late Pa Okosun was the Odionwele, second in command to the king of Irrua in Edo State in South-South Nigeria.

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Late Duke-Akhere-Okosun

She described her father as a disciplinarian and loving man who was loved by both the young and old.

Speaking on her father’s death, Stella explained, “as the Odionwele, the second in command to the king of Irrua in Edo with about 20 villages under his care, traditional rites demand that announcement of his passing should wait till after three months.”

She said: “When he died, we could not announce immediately because of the traditional rites that demand we wait until after three months.

“He was a fulfilled man and dedicated to serving the people of his community so much that one could not identify who was his biological child or who was not.

“He had nine children, and asides from my brother Sonny, who died in May 2008 in my arms in the U.S., the remaining eight are all alive and well.”

Speaking on the late brother, she revealed that the late Odionwele never wanted his son, Sonny, to become a musician, especially since he was the first child of the family.

“My father never wanted my brother to be a musician because, in those days, the educated ones wanted their children to be lawyers, doctors or engineers.

“When my brother, Sonny said he would be a musician, my father kicked against it.

“Back then, people looked down on musicians, especially when he was the first son of the family.

“It was my grandmother who encouraged him and told my father to let Sonny be.

“She was the one that raised my brother and told my parents to let Sonny be whatever he wants to become,” she said.

Stella, thereafter, charged the Nigerian government to make health matters a priority. 

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