Kenya, South Africa to strengthen tie

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a formal welcome ceremony by his host President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. PHOTO |PSCU

By Kwanta Douglas –

Kenya and South Africa have agreed to form a technical team to advise them on how to increase bilateral trade and fix bilateral imbalances.

This follows a meeting between Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his host and South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Mr Kenyatta told the media that the two nations had maintained a diplomatic connection for nearly three decades and that it would be preferable to rectify the inequalities for the benefit of both.

“Kenya and South Africa are close allies on the regional and global stage, in addition to strong bilateral connections that encompass a wide variety of fields,” stated President Kenya.

He added that “the technical team that will be formed should review the range of goods and services that South Africa imports from the rest of the world and identify those that South Africa could source from Kenya and vice versa.”

Mr Kenyatta further added that trade and investment remain key pillars in the bilateral relations of the two countries, despite South Africa being one of the leading trading partners in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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