Kenya set to host second Russia-Africa Summit in 2022


Benson H.O. Ogutu, Kenya’s ambassador to Russia, says his country is ready and eager to host the 2nd Russia-Africa summit in 2022.

Ogutu made this known in an interview on Friday.

“We are excited about the second summit, which will be held in Africa next year.

“Kenya is Africa’s international conference center.

“Aside from having the only UN center in the poor world, the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, we also have the ability to convene conferences in a comfortable manner.

“On behalf of Africa, Kenya would support hosting this summit,” Ogutu added.

The Kenyan diplomat stated that hosting such a high-level event will enhance tourism and draw the attention of the media and international community.

Foreign ministers from four nations — Russia, the United States, and a troika of other countries made up of former, current, and future African Union presidents – will decide where the next summit will take place.

This format’s decision-making is currently underway, according to Ogutu.

The first Russia-Africa summit took place in Sochi in 2019 and culminated in the announcement of a set of goals for expanding Russian-African cooperation in politics, security, economy, science, technology, culture, and humanitarian aid.

Delegations from all African countries attended the historic occasion, with 45 of them led by presidents or heads of parliament.

Kenyan ambassador expressed his country’s commitment to work further on the recommendations of Sochi declaration at the upcoming second summit.

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