It’s Really Sick – Megan Thee Stallion Reacts To Her AI-Generated S*x Tape

Megan Thee Stallion, the famous American rapper, has broken her silence after an AI-generated s*x tape of her surfaced online.

The AI-generated s*x tape has been circulating on social media, dividing fans and critics.

Reacting, Thee Stallion lamented that her haters went “too far,” adding that it was “fake.”

She vowed to take action against those behind the viral AI-generated s*x tape.

On her X handle, she wrote: “It’s really sick how y’all go out of the way to hurt me when you see me winning.

“Yall going too far, Fake ass shit. Just know today was your last day playing with me and I mean it.”

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Written by Nike

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