Israeli foreign minister set to visit Moroco for the first time


As a follow-up to the reopening of full diplomatic relations, Yair Lapid plans to become Israel’s first foreign minister to conduct an official visit to Morocco in the coming weeks.

On Monday, Lapid announced on Twitter that he and his Moroccan colleague, Nasser Bourita, had agreed on the trip.

The visit, which Lapid described as a “historic occasion,” will take place when the two countries establish a direct flight link at the end of the month.

Lapid stated that his visit will serve as a springboard for tourist and trade deals, as well as economic and political collaboration.

Following Lapid’s visit, Bourita would come to Israel and open diplomatic missions, according to Israel’s foreign minister.

Late last year, Morocco signed a pact to establish diplomatic ties with Israel, which was mediated by the United States.

In September, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain became the first Gulf countries to establish formal ties with Israel, breaking a decade-old line established by most Arab states.

Arab powers had refused to establish relations with Israel until the Palestinian crisis was settled.

Only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan, had maintained diplomatic relations with Israel previously.

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