Indian military working to strengthen ties with Nigerian Army


A team from India has underlined the Indian Armed Forces’ desire to deepen defense ties with the Nigerian Army in order to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

The decision was taken by the delegation’s leader, retired Lt.-Gen. Vinod Khandare, during a courtesy visit to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Faruk Yahaya, on Thursday in Abuja.

The team included personnel from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the National Security Council Secretariat and Indian ministries of defense and foreign affairs, according to Khandare.

He said that the Indian and Nigerian forces had maintained a friendly relationship throughout the conflict.

He stated that the relationship’s focus should be shifted to capacity building and capabilities development in a way that both armies benefit from one other.

“Because the future of warfare is changing at a breakneck pace, we need to collaborate across many spheres and domains.

“While we may all agree that we are experts in conventional warfare, we are also involved in sub-conventional warfare, and both India and Nigeria face similar issues.

“The sphere of our fight is increasing presently, and I believe we all need to smoothly incorporate technology.

“These technologies, wherever they are discovered in the globe, must be accepted quickly because we are going away from kinetics, which we are already doing, and toward non-kinetics,” he stated.

According to Khandare, the military must consider cyberspace and special forces, and recognize that technology will enable and empower them to deliver faster, better, and more precise results.

He added that if the Indian and Nigerian militaries could collaborate in the field of medical security, the Nigerian army would be able to do more in many areas.

“In addition to military collaboration, there are think tanks within the army and armed forces, which is another arena where we may collaborate.”

Lt.-Gen. Yahaya, the Chief of Army Staff, responded by saying that India and Nigeria had been cooperating on training.

He added that the Nigerian Army might look into other areas such as medical care, citing the fact that a lot of wounded Nigerian troops are now seeking treatment in India for various injuries.

According to him, the Nigerian army may consider training army medical professionals in India.

He praised the delegation for their visit, saying it highlighted both countries’ commitment to future collaboration.

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