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By Segun Adeleye –

The first challenge at setting an agenda for the Tinubu government is to be able to convince many that it is even necessary? Many questions that will come to mind are, has all issues concerning the election been resolved to convince all that it will stand? Is it not too early? Is it not hypocritical? Is it not an exercise in futility?

But human existence has always been driven by freedom of choices. Even our maker gave us the choice to live or die. Nigeria has always been an imperfect project, but history is there to learn how far the choices we made in the past had taken us. Just as man’s creation was made subject to vanity but subjected to hope, the creation of Nigeria was an exercise in error, but as long as man lives, the country too can be guided to fulfill its purpose.

Can we discuss elections in Nigeria? Which one has been truly free and fair? Which one has been free of rigging? Which one has seen the reversal of results at the presidential level? It has always been a question of the level of rigging at different places. If the rigging is in your strong hold, it’s uncontestable; if it’s in your weak zone, it’s unfair. When you win the majority, it’s fair, you can overlook other malpractices, but when you lost, it’s unfair, there must be cancelation.

Cheating is a natural tendency of a man to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. As in jumping queues at filling stations, coping others in exams, stealing money in offices, inflating contracts are cheating, so also is altering voting results in one polling centre which will culminate to disputed elections.

No doubt, conducting election in Nigeria has been improving over time with introduction of technology, going by what happened in 2015 when the incumbent administration lost, but the time will never come when Nigerians will be generally honest and ignore the loopholes to influence results in favour of their candidates no matter in what small quantity in all polling centres. The only solution will be the improvement in technology that will make cheating difficult for elections to be as free and fair as possible.

When a nation is confronted with a crisis like a disputed election, the three options that are always visible are to take a hard-line stand and insist on ‘justice’ or revolution during and after all legitimate means to reverse the results prove unfavorable, and the second is to make the best use of what we have to improve on our situation, and the third is to seat on the fence and wait for divine intervention.

The revolution option always looks attractive on paper. To wake up one day and see saints now at the helm of affairs. But it is not something that can be planned, neither something the consequences can be predicted or the timeframe can be measured. There was an example of a revolution in the old Israel when most of the people were uprooted from their country and carried to Babylon where they stayed for 70 years. There are recent ones in the world in places like Syria and Afghanistan where the rest of the world including the mighty United States have left them to their self destructions.

The second option of making the best use of what we have is also a revolution, but, even though slow, it’s less destructive path and it’s answerable to wisdom, criticisms, advocacy, education, consultation, public enlightenment and advices like this ‘If I were Tinubu’ series, to hold public officials accountable on promises they’ve made.

The promises made by Tinubu during his electioneering campaigns across the country will be itemized here for people to note, if possible make copies so that years later when their representatives should visit Abuja or the president should embark on a visit, they can point and say Mr President, these are your promises, where is your integrity?

With lesions to be learnt from the civil war, anything that can disrupt the peace of country again is completely out of the equation as Nigerians can hardly boast of any true friends outside that will embrace them with open hands should there be any crisis. With harassments of citizens in Ghana, killing in South Africa among others, many out there hate Nigerians with passion for their ingenuity and confidence which they mistake for arrogance.

It is on this wisdom that the President-elect should address the revolution and other two interests from a broader mindset of a government of national unity, starting with an inauguration speech that can be reassuring that hope can be renewed.

Talking about hope, the President-elect should be conscious that Nigerians, including the youths, those that felt cheated in the election and mostly pauperized population cannot easily be convinced to embrace hope when they have always been the losers.

The late Basorun MKO Abiola, the assumed the winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election raised the people’s hope in 1993 and it was aborted by the military. In a speech on 11 June 1994 at Epetedo, Lagos Island, he said, “our youths, in particular, can see no hope on the horizon, and many can only dream of escaping from our shores to join the brain drain. Is this the Nigeria we want?” Sadly, 30 years later, things are even worse.

There was this article written by a Nigerian diplomat, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed: ‘Why Mandela Was Angry with Nigeria’ and published in December, 2013, which was thought-provoking and soul-searching.

The late African hero during an encounter with Baba-Ahmed acknowledged how Nigeria stood by South Africa more than any other nation during the apartheid era, but lamented that the country let itself, Africa and the black race down very badly.

     Mandela was quoted to have said, with emotion and anger, that Nigeria with one-quarter of the black race, and everything needed to be great, was known principally for its dictators and criminals.

      He said, “The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world need Nigeria to be great as a source of pride and confidence. Nigerians love freedom and hate oppression. Why do you do it to yourselves?”

     On the failure of leadership, he said, “Your leaders have no respect for their people. They believe that their personal interests are the interests of the people. They take people’s resources and turn it into personal wealth.

     “There is a level of poverty in Nigeria that should be unacceptable. I cannot understand why Nigerians are not angrier than they are.”

     Curiously, he asked, “What do young Nigerians think about your leaders and their country and Africa? Do you teach them history?”

     He went on to advise on what he thought should be done, saying, “You should encourage the emergence of leaders who will not confuse public office with sources of making personal wealth. Corrupt people do not make good leaders. Then you have to spend a lot of your resources on education. Educate children of the poor, so that they can get out of poverty. Poverty does not breed confidence. Only confident people can bring changes. Poor, uneducated people can also bring change, but it will be hijacked by the educated and the wealthy.”

     He further emphasised the need for the young Nigerians to be given good education, saying “Teach them the value of hard work and sacrifice, and discourage them from crimes which are destroying your image as a good people.”

If Tinubu cannot understand this, then the renewed hope is dead on arrival.

The President-elect should call for understanding of his audacity to raise hope by making people to realize that he was also a victim who went into an exile in 1994 to became a founding member of the pro-democracy National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), not to return until 1998 to be part of the transition to this Fourth Nigerian Republic which must now deliver the long awaited dividend of democracy.

In raising hope, he must call attention to its unseen ingredients, but in order not disappoint people who have been waiting endless for when change will come, he should let them know that patience is also very essential, but most importantly, he should call for sacrifice in whichever ways that all can make contributions, by making it clear from the beginning that only him cannot do it.

The President-elect can learn something from the maiden United Nations General Assembly statement of the late Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, in New York, on 7th October, 1960 where he said, “Cooperation is for each man to be true to his religious belief and to reaffirm the basic principles of his particular creed. It may be that, when we hear the world crying out for peace, we may receive the inspiration to deal with these intractable problems and be able to really devote all our resources to the advancement of mankind by applying those eternal truths which will inevitably persist long after we ourselves are utterly forgotten.”

One commentator had referred to this reference to eternal truths in the speech as an understanding that the future Nigeria will face serious challenges which solution must be sought outside religion, ethnic, gender and political affiliations. 

Eternal truths are general and certain propositions that have always been true and that have existed before the understanding that forms them in all times. It’s like saying the sun will rise again.

The President-elect must not send any body language that he is smart or a saint, but that of “we all have sinned, and come short of the glory God.”

He must depict a picture of a servant leader who had tasted tribulations and how patience had helped him to gain experience that brought about the new hope.

With all these said, he should warn all trouble makers and those threatening the security of the country to immediately lay down their arms and embrace peace and reconciliation, otherwise they should be afraid because the full weight of the law will not be in vain.


For record, itemized below are the promises made by the President-election when canvassing for votes at different times and places across the country.


“It is going to be a fair government guided by the rule of law, justice and fairness. It is going to be hard work from day and we are going to join hands in building a government of the people and by the people,” he said.

“We drew a strong commitment with Nigerians. From the primary we were transparent. We were committed to our ideals. We promised Nigerians that if we win we will work for all Nigerians.”


“To you the people, especially the youths, I will work day and night. I will work to the utmost of my ability to make Nigeria better.   

“For this to be a victory at all, it cannot simply be a victory for one man or even one party. It must become a victory for all Nigerians who are committed to a greater society.


“As you worked hard for me, I will work hard for Nigeria. All the plans set out in our Action Plan for Renewed Hope for Nigerians will be pursued rigorously.”


Tinubu promised to re-activate oil exploration in the Lake Chad Basin and recharge the drying lake to generate jobs and boost agricultural production in the area.

“Security is top on our agenda and Nigeria will see peace and stability. The Borno people and their neighbours will witness prosperity and happiness,” he said.


 “My plans for you and for Nigeria are beneficial and good. They speak of a better tomorrow of sufficient jobs, sufficient food, sufficient money and sufficient fairness and opportunity such that you will be able to realize your dearest dreams as long as you are willing to work toward them.

“Oyo will straddle the timeline between the best of our past and the greatness of our awaiting future. It will reach back into the best of our traditions to showcase our art, culture and way of life to the rest of the world.


Without peace and unity, the country cannot progress and achieve prosperity.

“Let us work hard and build a nation, a nation where peace,  unity, stability, joy and happiness will reign supreme. We should be working together not killing one another,” he said.


The good work of the president particularly in the area of infrastructure revolution, revamping agriculture, road and railway network would be sustained.

“You know the president with honesty, integrity and dependability. We will continue with his incorruptible and being straightforward attributes, ” he said.


He said the recently-developed Kolmani oil wells in the state would receive adequate attention to ensure full commercial operation and benefits for the people.

He also pledged to institute an industrial park in the state, which will provide employment and create skills and wealth for the people.


“In 2015, the new leaders came to sweep the dirt away with a broom. But the dirt is still left on the ground. We said we need to clean some more. I applied to be the vacuum-cleaner so we can clean the dirt,” he told the cheering crowd.

“We promised we will work hard. We will eliminate corruption. We will eradicate the madness called  kidnapping. We willl work hard to clean Nigeria of rubbish.


He said if elected into office he will ensure revival of the  Ajaokuta Steel Complex in Kogi State, in addition to other critical projects.

He said his government would prioritize development of mineral resources in the North Central state, in addition to dredging the River Niger which will allow ships to berth in inland ports.


He assured the Katsina electorate of working hard to eliminate banditry in the state, saying “We will definitely deal with them. They will not go scot-free. Whether they derive some moment of joy or satisfaction, we are saying we are courageous, we are strong, we believe in Allah and we will defeat them. They are evil. We will eliminate them.”


Tinubu saluted the courage of the President who he said continues to offer leadership with boldness and courage despite all the challenges, adding that the country will recover from her challenges.

He compared President Buhari with former United States President Abraham Lincoln who also led his country in a time of crisis and still recorded huge achievements in infrastructural development like President Buhari has done for Nigeria.


Tinubu said his administration would empower the people with the skill that will make them employable while ensuring that the youth will no longer spend years in university due to lecturers’ strike action, stating that his pledge to the people will remain a biding covenant.

“I make a social covenant with you today that the unemployed among you will get job. Those with no skill will be provided the relevant skill that would put food on their table. When we get to government, we will make soft loans available for market women and business owners.”


Tinubu  re-echoed his message of economic prosperity to Nigerians at his campaign rallies in Anambra and Cross Rivers States.

He said his focus as president would be to create jobs for the teeming unemployed people in Nigeria and take prosperity to every parts of the country.


Tinubu, has vowed to prioritise employment opportunities for the vast majority of Nigerians who are willing and ready to work especially the people of Akwa-Ibom State.

Tinubu pointed out that government’s highest purpose is to use the resources at its disposal for the benefit of the people


Tinubu has assured the people of Edo State that he will make money for Nigeria and create prosperity for the people of the state by ensuring the development of the gas deposits in the state.

Tinubu said under his leadership Nigeria will pipe gas to Europe and compete with Russia.


Speaking to the needs of Benue youths, Tinubu assured that his administration would ensure access to quality education and education loans to allow brilliant and indigent students to have higher education.

 “I am proud of what we accomplished in Lagos. I am so proud of it, I do not run off to live elsewhere. I live where my policies and programmes worked. Obi left Anambra because his policies and programmes failed. Just as we improved Lagos, we shall lead Nigeria to its greatest destiny.”


Tinubu has promised to end the perennial fuel scarcity in the country if elected president.

Speaking to the youth, the he promised to ensure that they enjoy quality education not truncated by strikes, while also making jobs available for them once out of school.


 “Your state is a centre of production and industry. Today, my hope is renewed that together we can achieve industrial activity unprecedented in our history.

“Aba market is one of the largest in West Africa. I see it becoming a major exporter of all types of manufactured goods to Asia, to North and South America and Europe.


“At a time of dwindling revenues and global economic crises, we need to explore all available resources that could help resolve our development challenges. It is for this reason that projects like Kolmani and AKK gas pipeline started by the Buhari administration will be accelerated under my leadership. 

“We will create wealth through value addition across all the major planks of our economy. We will make farming profitable and support agro-allied industries that will help us process what we produce, instead of just selling raw produce. We will bring forth prosperity, insha Allah!”


 “We will build upon the gains already recorded in agriculture in this state. We will invest in the expansion of irrigation and water management systems to increase productivity and reduce the impact of extreme weather, drought and flood cycles on crop yields.

“Our initiatives will ensure Jigawa farmers can cultivate their lands all year round,” he added.


“We must work together and collaborate to look at the bottlenecks impeding the realization of the full potential of the construction industry and take realistic efforts to address them,” he said.

“God willing, as we assume the mantle of leadership, we shall build an even more prosperous economy. This means additional investment in relevant infrastructure: Roads, Bridges, Rail, Airports, Schools, Power facilities, Hospitals and more. These will enhance efficiency, support industrial growth, spur trade and investment, and improve the Ease of Doing Business.


“We will return farming to its glorious past of profitability. Farmers will be paid the full value of their toil and their produce. This will be achieved through Commodity Exchange boards setting a minimum price for strategic agricultural produce.

“We shall create agricultural hubs throughout Nigeria. These hubs will increase land under cultivation. They will also wed small, medium and large farms so that small farms will benefit from the expertise and equipment of the larger ones.


 “My core belief is that the private sector must be the prime driver of economic progress. However, the government establishes the framework within which the private sector must operate. If that framework is sound, the private sector will flourish. If the framework is frail or incomplete, then the private sector will struggle.”


Tinubu promised to make Enugu the manufacturing hub of Nigeria, saying the state has what it takes to be the economic powerhouse of the country.

“Nothing will stop us if we are determined to make this state a regional hub of Nigeria’s manufacturing sector,” he said.


Tinubu said he will use the newly commissioned Yobe Cargo airport to boost agriculture in the state and praised President Buhari for the airport project and other laudable projects across the country he described as  wise investments.

“The cargo airport Mr. President commissioned will be greatly needed when our agenda for greater production of agricultural and industrial exports begins to take off.


 “I envision productive farmlands that produce food abundant enough to feed the state and help feed the rest of the nation and even export to a world in need of our dynamic contribution to humanity. I envision both manufacturing hubs as well as agricultural hubs that will allow you to produce finished products that will expand the local economy, create jobs and increase the standard of living for all of you.

“I see adequate fresh produce storage facilities, farm-to-market roads and access routes. I also envision the establishment of commodity exchange boards and credit facilities that will provide the hardworking farmer a guaranteed income for his crops and also allow farmers affordable loans to invest in and improve the productive yield of their lands. I can envision these good things my people because I have the expertise and commitment to see them become reality,” he said.


“My respect for this country will continue to increase, and I will honour all my pledges that we all will live in harmony. We belong in each other’s hearts,” he noted.

 “From the moment I enlisted in politics, I have always been nationalistic and detribalised in my approach.  I do not operate on the basis of ethnicity, region or religion. I have friends and associates in all corners of this country.


“You have been the backbone of the economy and bedrock of the community. You will be honored as such.

“For example, my agricultural plan also calls for the creation of agricultural hubs in the nation. You will be the direct beneficiary of this policy. These hubs will increase  cultivation of now idle fertile land yet also promote agro-processing businesses that will produce many new jobs and put more money in the pockets of the average person and small farmer,” he said.


 “I will create a thriving and conducive environment for you to complete your education, start work or start a business, and earn a decent wage. With hard work and focus, you will once again be able to buy a car or a motorbike, buy a house, settle down, start a family and create a better life. I have plans to actualise all these dreams and can confirm that with your support these dreams will become a reality,” he said.


“We can make Nigeria better, safer, and more prosperous. We can educate our youth, feed our people and put an end to fear. We can do these things. We can move you forward.

 “But the others cannot. They want to hold you back so that only they can move forward. They offer nothing but fake promises and easy answers that hold no water. All they can show you is how to hate your fellow Nigerian and reject your neighbour.


“Edo people, prosperity has come, happiness has come, hope is back in your homes, knowledge is back in your community. I am happy about the returned artefacts. They are bringing our artefacts. I support the Oba of Benin who said our heritage must come back but I disagree with the Europeans. They have used our artefacts for exhibitions and tourism for decades in their museums to make money. They should not just send them back without money. When I become President I will ask them to pay us restitution. I will contribute to the building of the museum in Benin.”


 “I promise to be a fair and just leader. This pledge is based on the Islamic teachings on leadership. A leader in a plural society is enjoined to be a leader for all. If elected, I shall govern in harmony with our nation’s democratic Constitution.

“More than that. I shall tackle this nation’s problems with a commitment to solving them. I say this not as a boast. I say it based on my record. As Lagos governor, I assembled perhaps the most diverse team by any state government. That team was based on competence, not tribal this or regional that. It was not based on the attire one wore or the accent one spoke with, but on the quality of one’s ideas and contributions to society.



As the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Party, with 41 million registered members, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu  presents the best vision for the future for our collective prosperity with pledges that are practical, immediate and valuable to our journey towards development.


Tinubu has promised entrepreneurs that he would turn Nigeria’s present challenges into opportunities for growth and development.

“How can we be subsidising fuel consumption of Cameroon, of Niger, of Benin Republic. No matter how long you protest, we are going to remove subsidy.”


 “My campaign is built on the firm conviction that our greatest good and best deeds still lie in front of us and not in our past.

“The industrialisation of our economy represents a most vital step towards achieving the Nigeria of our dreams.


“I have always been and will continue to be a progressive democrat. In my worldview, government has a cardinal responsibility to work not only with business but also with labour to ensure that all constituent parts of our society are afforded their fair share of rewards without taking on undue hardship,” Tinubu said.

 “My Action Plan for a Better Nigeria, sets out a vision of opportunity, social justice and prosperity for all. I seek a Nigeria where sufficient jobs with decent wages give people the chance to live better lives. Where the private sector thrives, we will not disrupt it. However, where the private sector cannot do it alone, my government will take the lead in lending a helping hand.


 “Your State has ample resources and large potential. Not only does Niger cover the largest land mass of any State in Nigeria, but it also serves as the home to three hydroelectric power plants that symbolically light the way forward to hope renewed.

“By God’s grace, I shall be elected. If so, my administration will further empower Niger State so that you reap the full benefits of its bounteous resources. We appreciate your vital role as the state that powers the nation. The nation will show its gratefulness by investing in your future. The power state will become the More Powerful State,” Tinubu said.


“What anyone who visits the Centre of Learning quickly learns is that you are a resilient and industrious citizenry. You have the skills and talent to prosper as individuals, as a state and as a nation with a destiny no one can take away from you. You exemplify the best of our diverse and beloved nation.”

“With your support, my team and I will improve the economy, secure the peace, promote industry, grow more food and create more and better jobs for the average person.


I will be a fair, just President to all Nigerians

“Regarding the economy, we seek to repair the very structure of the economy. We can no longer flourish as an economy based on natural resource extraction.


 “For one, as Africa’s most populous country and the continent’s largest economy, it is generally acknowledged that the fortunes of the African continent and indeed the Black race is tied directly to the health of Nigeria.

“The challenges which have manifested themselves with regard to our national and regional development and security trajectories are very well-known to all of us here: radical extremist violence, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, human trafficking, trafficking in weapons, trafficking in drugs, climate change and resource driven conflicts etc.


“This state is home to proud and vibrant people. Although this is a small land mass, Bayelsa has been blessed with abundant human and natural resources.

“With that blessing, your state has been asked to carry a great and long national duty. You all have given so much to the development of this nation. Nigeria would not be Nigeria without your human and material contribution.


Tinubu recalled how Lagos gave him a chance to deploy his talents for national progress and preservation of progressive politics.

“I thank the Almighty Allah and the good people of Lagos State for a place to stand, from which I could deploy my talents to mobilise like-minded Progressives to defend this great city.”


If elected, the Ministry of Niger Delta and the Niger Delta Development Commission will serve the full purpose for which they were established.

“The man standing before you will implement whatever he promised. You need honesty, you need commitment to perform. I embody both.

“I know the road and I will carry the Niger Delta people along. We will consult your leaders for the development of Gbaramotu Kingdom and other associated communities.”


 “I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbo. I encouraged a lot of Igbo businesses and investments in Lagos and will even do more if I become president.

“If elected, there will be no discrimination, Igbo’s interests will be respected and protected. I will also encourage policies to aid commerce and support South East states to reach their full potential.


“The effort to find hydrocarbon deposits in our frontier basins has now paid off. The successful delivery of this project will elevate energy security for the country, promote economic growth and prosperity for all our people.

“To ensure overall energy security and resource mobilization for our country, if elected, we shall continue the ongoing exploration works in all frontier basins in line with the new Petroleum Industry Act of 2021.


 “My government shall build an economy with a growing industrial base, more and better jobs for our youth and more high-quality home-grown goods to sell and merchandise.

“We shall establish industrial hubs throughout the nation and modernize existing ones. We will encourage and facilitate greater production in places like Owerri and Aba. At the same time, we shall broaden opportunities for you to engage in more international commerce by steering more activity towards ports outside of Lagos such as Onne.


“One can see greater prosperity and jobs in an economy humming with activity. From the farmer in the rural area to the city boy in a bustling urban centre, each will have productive work to do and a decent home to return to.

“One can see a Nigeria where all who want to will be able to build a decent life from the fruits of their individual and collective endeavour.


“Northern Nigeria has great agricultural potential due to its abundant arable land. It must continue to march at the forefront if the sector is to significantly advance at all.

“Every state and the FCT have some degree of competitive advantage in agriculture, whether horticulture or crop production, fisheries, poultry or animal husbandry. Properly developed, these assets will not only satisfy our domestic needs but make Nigeria a global force within a short time.


“We turned this state into a safer, more prosperous place where people can go about any legitimate vocation or venture regardless of their ethnicity, religion, region or prior social station.

“We did more than open Lagos for business. We opened the door for all Nigeria to join and experience the decent things progressive democratic governance can bring.


Tinubu said his background as a son of a market woman is what made him appreciate the unintended hardship caused by the ongoing naira swap policy.

He said if elected into office his government would provide low interest loans for traders and address their concerns in other areas of their businesses.


“The North proved to me Nigeria can survive its unity. Some people want President Muhammadu Buhari to announce someone but the President said No. He insisted the process must go on democratically. The President said anyone that would mess up the APC process would see the other side of his eyes. He remained upright and saw to the process to the end.


Our administration will work to ensure not just a farewell to poverty but also usher in an era of prosperity in our country. To achieve this, we will re-engineer our security architecture to enhance the capacity of our armed forces and security agencies to guarantee the safety of the lives and properties of our people. This will enable our farmers to return fully to their farms with the resultant increase in food production and affordability. We will initiate measures to boost the revenue earnings of our farmers and improve the standard of living in our rural areas, home to the vast majority of our people.


“A fair, credible election has been held and has been won. The honor of that victory and the steep responsibility it entails has fallen on me. I say this not to gloat or boast because there is no room for such behavior. I merely state the facts as they are.

“I realize many good and well-meaning Nigerians voted for other candidates. They are naturally disappointed that their favored candidate did not win.  Other candidates have voiced their dissatisfaction, stating they will go to court to contest the election.  This is inherent to the democratic process. We defend their right to seek legal recourse. While they exercise the legal rights afforded them in our democracy, I have set my course and mind on the leadership of this nation. We have important work to do and I am committed to getting that work done for the benefit of all the people, whether or not they voted for me or even voted at all.

 “This is not the time for continued acrimony and partisan recrimination. These negative things can incite strong passions; but they are not the pathway to a better nation. Only unity and national commitment can serve that purpose.. 

“I, for one, am standing. But this time, I shall not be the last or only one standing. Imagine how great we can be if over 200 million other souls stand with me. Let the world see a Nigeria that nothing can stop.”

*Segun Adeleye is the President/CEO, World Stage Limited; Creator, OELA Music; Author of ‘So Long Too Long Nigeria’ and Founder/Chairman, Segun Adeleye Foundation for Good Leadership in Africa (SAFFGLIA).

Power doesn’t change people, it simply reveals who we are!

Segun Adeleye

President/CEO, World Stage Limited

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