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By Alexis Praise –

In our society today, there’s this mentality that success is for those within the age bracket of (25years — 40yeaers).

Meaning if you are not within that age bracket, you are not required to be successful and if you are within the age bracket and not successful then you’re considered a failure in life. To this set of people success is for a particular age and time.

Do you have friends with such mentality? Or you stay around people with such mentality?

If Yes, you would have noticed this similar character in them. Those who are below 25years always want to be successful very quick and those above 40years who are not yet successful, always feel depressed because they think they are a failure in life. If NO, am sure you desire success, so stay tuned.

Martin Luther King jr once said, the time is always right to do what is right. Every time is a time to chase your goal in life.

Braddley Kirkland said, if you are constantly lamenting about never having enough time, you will accomplish absolutely nothing at all.

Just like the dead can’t achieve anything because they don’t have time, sometimes many person’s do not succeed not necessarily because they are too young or too old, but because they don’t make out time for that particular goal.

Let’s look at different individuals who have attained success at different time and unbelievable ages such as:
Mikaila Ulmer
At aged 11 she founded the Me & Bee lemonade.

Mark Zuckerberg
At aged 23 took his company public in May, 2012.

Massey Ibuka
A Japanese businessman at aged 38 who founded Sony in 1946.

Henry Ford
At aged 45 he created the revolutionary model T car in 1908.

Frank McCourt
At aged 65 he wrote his book “Angelas Ashes” and won both the Pulitzer prize and National Book Critics Circle Award. It was later turned into a movie and even museums are named after him.

So channeling success to a particular time or age is a wrong mentality because success is achievable at every time in life, if you are ready.

To the teenagers reading this right now, don’t feel too small to start your success race( Time is in your hand now).

To the Youths and Adult reading this right now, know you are in the time for your success.

To the old reading this now, you are old but time is never old and your brain is still active.

This three categories I just mentioned, there’s one thing that is common “Time.” This is a prove that you can be successful irrespective of your age.

Time allocation to your goals is the first step to succeed on that goal and a successful life is inevitable when you keep providing solutions to the world constantly and most importantly maximizing your time.

So i guess I will meet you at the top.

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