Haiti earthquake death toll increases to 2,189


According to the country’s civil defense office, the dead toll from Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake has grown to 2,189.

In a tweet from the agency, the number of those injured in the earthquake has risen to almost 12,200, with 332 still missing.

Many people were still waiting for help four days after the quake, according to the agency.

“There is a serious problem with the distribution of aid,” wrote journalist Nancy Roc on Twitter on Wednesday.

Reports also noted that, help has only reached the two main towns in the impacted area in the Caribbean nation’s south-west.

Smaller settlements were overlooked, according to the publication Le Nouvelliste, with calls for help to the national authorities going unanswered.

Head of the civil defense agency, Jerry Chandler, was quoted in the press as saying that the passage of tropical storm Grace through the region and the resulting inclement weather had made relief distribution more difficult.

According to social media postings, many areas lacked the most basic essentials such as food, medicine, and tents.

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