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Grace Mugabe underwear reporter freed

A Zimbabwean journalist, who was arrested after writing a story alleging that an MP handed out second-hand underwear to ruling Zanu-PF party supporters on behalf of First Lady Grace Mugabe, was freed on $200 (£150) bail yesterday.
Kenneth Nyangani was also ordered to report to police in the eastern city of Mutare once a week.

He denies charges of defamation following publication of the story on the privately-owned NewsDay website.

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Police in Mutare detained Mr Nyangani on Monday evening for “allegedly writing and publishing a story over the donation of some used undergarments” by President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said in a statement.

Zanu-PF MP Esau Mupfumi distributed the underwear to Zanu-PF supporters in Mutare, and said Mrs Mugabe had donated it, NewsDay reported.



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