Covid-19: Rwanda fully vaccinates close to half its population

Medical officials administer Covid-19 vaccines in Rwanda. The country has fully vaccinated 5,888,447 people as of January 12, 2022.

By Kwanta Douglas –

One month after an aggressive Covid-19 vaccination campaign launched in November, almost 6 million Rwandans out of its 12.9 million population are fully vaccinated.

The countrywide vaccination campaign was launched after Rwanda recorded six cases of the new Omicron variant in early December.

Mobile vaccination sites were established at bus stations and the vaccine was made available at all major hospitals, schools, and other designated spots.

Vaccine mandates were introduced, making it almost impossible for the unvaccinated to operate in Rwanda.

For the last two months, Rwanda, as many countries across the world, experienced a drastic spike in Covid-19 infections.

Since Covid-19 was first reported in Rwanda in March 2020, the country recorded its highest number of infections in the last two months, with 100,082 new cases reported since November last year.

Rwanda currently adheres to a 10pm- 4am curfew that allows businesses to operate until 9pm, except for bars that have to close at 8pm.

Employees are encouraged to work from home, while gatherings and festivities are prohibited except for a limited number of fully vaccinated people who present negative Covid test results.

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